Night Cream: Mandatory or Not? 

Night cream should be in every woman who cares about the youth of their skin. If we apply it during the day to maintain skin moisturizers and minimize the negative effects of the environment and makeup, then at night ... time to work on your skin! 

Why do I need a night cream 

You may think that a single product to moisturize the skin is enough, but they all perform different functions. The composition for the daytime is lighter and not as effective. It is more designed for protection, not recovery. 

Night cream performs function treatment. Depending on the cream, it can: 

  • Night cream with retinol restores the skin cells.
  • Fill with vitamins and minerals.
  • Eliminate wrinkles and expose relief.
  • Night cream for acne clean up acne and scars.
  • Moisturize if dehydrated or dry. 

How to choose a night cream 

Stand out for what you need cream. To keep young skin smooth and radiant, to cure acne or to eliminate wrinkles. They have different uses, but if the cream contains only natural ingredients, it can be suitable for any type. 

Night Cream with Dead Sea minerals will give your skin a complete list of essential ingredients for eternal youth. Here are the most useful oils, such as jojoba oil, fruit and berry extracts, aloe vera juice and much more. All this was used in ancient times and continues to work today because it is natural. 

How to use a night cream 

Apply the night cream anti-aging on the face after cleansing with massage movements. Do not rub it, but gently beat it with your fingertips. You can learn how to do massage by applying a cream to make it even more effective. So you can achieve perfectly smooth skin in a few weeks.

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