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6 care tips for a confident handshake

We’re talking about soft skin and beautiful hands here. We can’t give any advice about where on the spectrum from lightly touching to breaking bones a confident handshake should be. What we know for sure is that when your hands look and feel healthy and beautiful, you will feel more confident, and that means a lot. Here are a few tips we recommend to follow for healthier and prettier skin on your hands.

Use mild soap

You wash your hands a lot and it’s something you can’t avoid unless you want to get an infection. But don’t over-sanitize your hands with different antibacterial liquids that are so popular. If you’re not a surgeon, there is no need to keep your hands 100% pure all the time. Don’t be too obsessed with germs, the antibacterial ingredients can cause bigger problems damaging the natural microflora, while the ordinary mild soap is just enough to keep the harmful bacteria away.

Don’t forget the SPF

Your hands require sunscreen just as your face does. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, your hands almost never are protected from the harmful UV-radiation by clothes. It harms our skin on a molecular level damaging the proteins and DNA in the cells. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and looks older, so don’t forget to apply your SPF-cream on your hands as well.


Dead skin cells appear on the surface of your hands too. To remove these deposits of the dead tissue don’t forget to exfoliate the skin with scrubs. All care products work better on a scrubbed skin, not to mention it stimulates the renewal processes inside. Repeat the procedure at least once a week — it should be enough.


We assume that you live in quite a civilized country, where either heating or air conditioning works most of the time. Both climate control options make air dry, which in turn causes the skin to lose its natural moisture and its elasticity. Use hydrating creams every 3-4 hours and every time after you wash your hands.

Choose the right cream

With the tremendous variety of skincare products intended for hands, it’s not easy to find a perfect match for your situation. Besides the scent, which is merely a matter of preference, they differ by the function they can deliver. Define the problem. If you have dry skin on your hands, the moisturizing cream will help. Look for natural oils among the product ingredients for best results. If you need to deliver more nourishing elements to the skin, pick the products enriched with minerals. If skin aging is the issue you are most worried about, tackle it with a cream containing antioxidants

Keep your hand cream bottle easy to reach

We’re all people and we tend to forget about little things that are not vitally important to us at a certain moment. Put convenient bottles of your hand cream on your desk, in your bathroom, on your bedside table. Make it almost impossible to forget to apply it to your hands. 

Taking proper care of your hands provides your handshake is both soft in terms of skin and firm in terms of confidence. 

  • Dec 26, 2019
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