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Argan oil: 4 reasons to use it on hair

Argan oil is a wonder of nature, as well as being one of the rarest and most precious oils. It is extracted by squeezing the seeds – which resemble our almonds – of the Argania spinosa plant . This particular plant can only grow and thrive in the semi-desert regions of Morocco . Similar to an olive tree, the argan tree is also called the tree of life  since, despite the area in which it grows, it can live up to 200 years. Rich in beneficial properties, it has reparative and protective effects .
Argan oil has a valuable fatty acid profile, as it contains 13% palmitic acid and more than 80% monosaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids including 48-59% oleic acid and 30-50% of linoleic acid.
Argan oil contains large amounts of vitamin E and can reduce cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Interestingly, an old tradition in one of the benefits of using argan oil is that its residue can be collected and mixed with honey which makes a paste similar to that of peanut butter; hence providing another food source. Argan oil proves to be especially useful in cooking food, including a variety of salads and couscous, complimenting a healthy diet.

But do you also know that it can be used as ingredients for hair ?

This precious bright yellow oil, which is called ” desert gold “, contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

It is particularly rich in:

  • alpha-linolenic acid , a precursor of omega 3,
  • linoleic acid , a precursor of omega 6,
  • vitamins A and E ,
  • polyphenols , which give the skin elasticising properties and stimulate the production of collagen, useful in preventing wrinkles,
  • phytosterols , which are usually very rare in oil seeds, and which have a soothing action on the skin and reduce the sense of itching.

It is therefore a real ally for the skin: from small imperfections, to the attenuation of wrinkles, to more serious problems such as irritation, acne or sunburn, there is no problem that argan oil cannot relieve.

Argan oil and hair: the benefits

  • Strengthens brittle and dry hair
    Brittle hair tends to be very delicate : it must be treated with care to ensure that it does not break or damage. While aggressive shampoos or dyes that are not really natural risk drying and weakening them, weighing them down, argan oil is indicated as a natural cosmetic product for their well-being : it strengthens and nourishes them from tip to root.
  • Prevents hair loss
    Excessive hair loss is one of those things that worries you enough: if in certain periods of the year, such as the passing seasons, it is a fairly normal phenomenon, when you realize that the loss continues also in other periods it is a little bit normal. less. Beyond the causes that must be sought internally (vitamin deficiency, stress …) you can mitigate the fall and help regrowth with argan oil . In fact, some studies have shown that this miraculous oil stimulates regrowth thanks to its rich nutrient content. According to other studies, it also accelerates hair growth , decreasing the average time. An experiment conducted in Korea on men suffering from baldness showed that 44% of these had a significant improvement in regrowth using argan oil habitually.
  • Protects from pool and sun damage
    The chemicals used in swimming pools, as well as the combined effect of salt water and sand at the sea can have a negative effect on the hair. The result is much drier or duller hair .
    Argan oil applied to the skin and hair allows them to be repaired from the harmful effects of these agents. In fact, it creates a real protective barrier , preventing humidity in the pool and continued exposure to the sun from ruining them.
  •  Shiny hair
    You can use argan oil even if you don’t have hair with particular problems. In fact, argan oil helps to give greater radiance and shine to the hair . Seeing is believing!
  • Apr 29, 2021
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