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Autumn Anti-Cellulite Programme: Your personalized treatment plan

Cellulite is a word for skin in which the formation of lumps and dimples visible on the surface. Cellulite arises from various factors - hormones, age, diet, and how much physical activity is in our lifestyle. Cellulite is treated with acoustic wave therapy, carboxytherapy, laser, liposuction. You can discard these invasive methods and use cosmetic and dermatological anti-cellulite products if you learn more.

Very briefly about the problem

Cellulite is visible when fat deposits pass through the connective tissue closer to the surface of the skin. This is the simplest explanation of the process itself, but the main thing to eliminate it is to know just a few facts.

Simple facts about cellulite

  • More than 80 percent of women are likely to have cellulite.
  • Cellulite is called orange peel skin, as it is almost similar in texture.
  • There are many different treatments, but the effect will not last long if the cause is not removed.
  • A low fat diet, quitting smoking and a physically active lifestyle can help against cellulite.

What can you do to avoid (reduce) cellulite?

There are some of the same tips that are difficult to follow every day, because they concern our habits, which are usually the opposite. On the other hand, small actions that take a long time will help in the long run to get rid of cellulite better than having surgery once. Just remember these simple tips and do it every day.

Drink more pure water - helps to avoid dehydration and pathological metabolic processes, good for skin and digestion.

Take time to exercise. Movement is very important for healthy body tissues - you increase blood circulation in all parts of the body and help you spend calories faster, instead of going to a fat depot.

Do massage for 14 days, then repeat after the same amount of time again and again. You can do massage yourself with your hands whether with a special massager, brush, roller. Your goal is to accelerate the flow of blood to the tissues with cellulite. Before the procedure, be sure to tone the skin with a shower and skin care product.

For active massage, use products with natural oils that not only glide but also care for the skin and nourish it with vitamins and flavonoids of plants. We love Argan Body & Massage Oil by Moroccan Spa with Dead Sea minerals and Argan tree oil and olive oil, sunflower and jojoba oils.

Do Dead Sea mud wraps and use salt products to strengthen the skin and blood vessels in the cellulite area. One of the reasons why you have cellulite is the abundance of slag in the tissues, which is removed by mud with minerals. The product we recommend is Dead Sea Mineral Mud by Shemen Amour, which contains essential elements that improves circulation.

Make a personal plan - a program against cellulite at home

For example

Day 1. Exercises for the hips and lower body. Drink 0.5 liter of extra water.

Day 2. Aerobics exercises 30 minutes minimum. Drink 0.5 water in addition to the usual amount. Mud wrap.

Day 3. Stretching the back of the thighs, exercises to relax the back and the whole body. Massage with a roller. Drink 0.7 liters of water more.

Day 4. Body weight exercises on the lower body. We drink 0.7 liters of extra water. Wrap problem areas with dirt.

Day 5. Aerobics 30 minutes. Massage with a roller or hands for 15 minutes on problem areas. We drink 1 liter of water additionally.

Day 6. Stretching the muscles of the legs and back. Mud wrap and contrast shower. Self-massage with plucking, finish with oil. We drink 1 liter of water.

Day 7. Fitness exercises for the whole body. We drink 1 liter of extra water. Massage with roller or banks. Cream or oil on all areas of cellulite.

You can continue the plan for 15-20 days and get an amazing result, how would you treat cellulite in the clinic, but in fact you were at home and did everything with cosmetics and your hands!

  • Oct 07, 2019
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