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Carrot gel — for golden tan and glowing skin

Any time you open a fashion magazine or a beauty website in summer you are about to read how harmful UV-rays are and how suntan hurts your skin. The first reaction would be to cover yourself in sunscreen, shut all doors and windows and stay at home. But why is that when we compare two people — one of them completely pale, another at least slightly tanned — the tanned one will always look healthier and thus much more attractive? This question remains unanswered to us but we want to be on the “attractive side”.

If you are concerned about the UV-radiation and still want to look healthy and pretty, we’ll meet you half-way. How about sunbathing responsibly and adding a golden tint to your skin afterwards? That’s what the carrot gel was developed for.

Beta-carotene — a powerful antioxidant

Let’s not sugarcoat — UV-rays really harm your skin. They enter your skin cells, break the small molecules letting them attack proteins and DNA. There is a number of natural substances that are capable of protecting your cell from this kind of damage — they’re called antioxidants. One of them is well-known beta-carotene that can take the brunt and keep the important parts of the cell healthy.

So if you plan to expose your skin to the UV-rays it should better be well protected. One way to do so is to cover it with sunscreen products that don’t let the UV break any molecule inside the cell. Another way is to feed the cell with substances like beta-carotene regularly.

Natural carotenoids — add a golden tint to your skin

We all have different skin tones and undertones. Some of us are lucky to have that lovely bronze tan after a few hours of sunbathing, while others become greyish or even greenish. That’s all in our genes and there isn’t much we can do about it. But you can add a lively golden tint to your skin by adding natural yellow and orange pigments — carotenoids. Carrots are exceptionally rich un them (hence the “carotenoids” name). You can either add a few extra servings of carrots to your “five-a-day”, or you can deliver the carotenoids to the cells without having to snack on rabbit food all day long.

More elastic skin with vitamin A

Beta-carotene is also called a pro-vitamin A. That is because when one beta-carotene molecule is broken in two halves it makes two retinol (vitamin-A) molecules. The advantage of having beta-carotene instead of pure vitamin A is that the retinol itself can be toxic and it’s better to make your own vitamin A from beta-carotene whenever you need it. By the way, vitamin A is an antioxidant itself too. But the main reason our skin loves vitamin A is that it makes it more elastic and young.

Carrots are a great source of substances your skin needs to stay healthy. But what if you could deliver them straight into the cells? That’s what the carrot gel is for.

  • Jun 22, 2019
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