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A long day is over and there are a few hours of me-time ahead. Pick a book, switch the phone to the plane mode, turn on some smooth jazz (or whatever music you’re in the mood for) and go straight to the bath. We’re here to help you with the best self-pampering routine ever.

How bath salts work

A warm bath would help you relax on its own without any additional salts. Yet if you add high-quality bath salts to the warm water and soak in it for at least 15 minutes that would make a huge difference. And while you relax, the bath salts do their magic to your skin and nails. The salty solution helps your skin get rid of dead cells on its surface and to unclog the pores, to slow down aging processes and to kill the harmful microbes.

The additives like camomille enhance the antiseptic properties of the dead sea salt. The Dead Sea bath salt with organic camomille will help fight acne by killing the harmful bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

Baths with Dead Sea salts may also help soothe itchiness for people with atopic dermatitis and eczema. To make this effect more pronounced you can try the Dead Sea bath salt with organic cornflower flowers — the added plant contains natural tannins that promote the repair processes in skin cells. For the anti-inflammatory effect we advise trying the Dead Sea bath salt with marigold — this herb brings polysaccharides that have immunomodulatory properties.

Tension relief is also a very important thing here — the consequences of constant stress are extremely destructive. The nature of the stress we live in is majorly a psychological one, so these minutes of self-care go a long way in improving the overall health. Adding aromatic oils like lavender oil makes this soothing effect more prominent. Try this Dead Sea bath salt with organic lavender to calm your nerves and to promote a deeper and more refreshing night sleep.

Ways to use the bath salts

There are a few ways to use the bath salts, one of them as the name implies is taking a relaxing bath — just follow the instructions on the package. However, there are more ways to enjoy the bath salts, and here are some of them.

Salt scrub and peeling

You can use bath salts as an abrasive to remove the dead cells from the skin surface. Mix coarse salt with your shower gel or liquid soap and use as a scrub. It’ll help rejuvenate skin and slow down the aging processes. The clean skin will be now more susceptible to the nourishing creams and lotions.

Salt compresses

Dead Sea Salts can offer multiple health benefits for people with different skin conditions, they may treat muscle and joint pain. Talk to your health care provider about the possible use of Dead Sea salts compresses for easing your symptoms.

Feet bath

You must try this if you walk a lot and especially if you wear high heels — this is a game-changer! Soak your feet for 15 minutes in the salt solution, make a light massage and apply your foot cream. Works best together with a brand new TV-series.

The rhythm of our everyday life rarely lets us slow down and enjoy the fact of our existance. A 15-minute bath doesn’t change the world around you, but it could improve your mood and mindset, not to mention your skin health.

  • Jun 19, 2019
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