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Defeat Acne With The Right Skincare Routine

Acne can overtake you, not only in adolescence but at any time in your life. You can spend a lot of time and money for a beautician, but first, you need to choose the right home care. We asked a professional dermatologist about how to care for the skin at home to get rid of acne and other unpleasant problems.

- Where to start skincare with acne?

- To get started, you should get good habits and get rid of the bad ones. For example, stop touching your face with dirty hands. Do this only after washing your hands with soap. Never touch the glass or other dirty surfaces. All this provokes the development of bacteria on your skin. Also, wipe your face after washing with a clean, disposable towel or use clean, small face towels each time.

- Do I need to exclude food that causes rashes?

- If you have a serious degree of acne, you definitely need to exclude products that provoke acne: dairy products, sugar, gluten, etc. Consult your nutritionist about your food intolerances. Try to eat more protein foods (lean meat, fish, seafood), polyunsaturated fats (olive oil, avocados, etc.) and fiber (any greens and vegetables).

- How can I choose an acne remedy at home?

- For a comprehensive fight against acne, you need several products. Firstly, a good cleaner, because your skin is prone to clogging. After that, a tonic and moisturizer. You also need a product with active ingredients that fight acne: antibacterial and drying. Make a systematic skincare ritual: remove makeup, then re-cleanse your skin from sebum and impurities. This is another important step in addition to the product itself.

- What components must be in the product to remove acne?

- Typically, zinc and salicylic acid are present in acne cosmetics. But this is not suitable for everyone if you have a serious form of acne or the product has high concentrations of ingredients. In this case, you better consult with a specialist. If the products have a natural composition and gentle doses, then you can safely try them.

- Do I need to stop using moisturizer during acne treatment?

- No, this is a harmful myth. Your skin needs to be hydrated always, especially when you use aggressive and drying anti-acne products. If you do not moisturize it, the skin will not be able to fulfill its protective function and regeneration will be slowed down. You need to choose a non-comedogenic cream, which is designed for problem skin and does not provoke the clogging of pores, which leads to acne.

- Can I make something at home to fight acne on my own?

- Natural and homemade is not always useful. You can prepare a lot of cosmetics from pharmacy ingredients, but you won’t be able to completely cure this acne without injuring your skin. Prefer effective natural remedies from the store that have a balanced composition. Most often, girls seek help from a dermatologist after self-treatment with “natural” products with aggravated problems: micro scars from home exfoliations, clogged pores, etc.

- That is, self-prepared products from pharmacy products do not help?

- This may help you first with a visual effect. But after the initial period, you get injured skin, which can give you even more acne at any time, if you do not adhere strictly to care and nutrition. You do not treat the skin but only become dependent on local cosmetics, which only temporarily inhibit the appearance of acne. This is not comprehensive care, but SOS products that can be on the shelf in you, but you should not use it every day.

- What is the most important rule for healthy skin?

- You must understand the type of acne you have: cosmetic or therapeutic. Acne can be triggered by health problems rather than improper skincare. Therefore, if you can not deal with acne with cosmetics, consult a dermatologist.

  • Sep 05, 2019
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