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Balance de magnesio y salud de la piel

There is about a tablespoon of magnesium in you. Maybe, a tablespoon and a heap, not more. But though it would seem like a small quantity, magnesium is one of the most important elements inside you. Your muscles won't contract without it, your heart won't work, your brain cells would fire all the time… But these are the bodily functions you wouldn't live without. They are your body's priority in terms of magnesium budgeting if we may say so. Your skin, hair, and nails aren't as necessary for your biology as your heart, so the first signs of deficiency will appear here.

How do I know I lack magnesium?

Magnesium deficiency doesn't show at once, but you may start feeling irritated more often. Some people experience occasional muscle cramps. Further aggravation may lead to severe anxiety, depression, cardiovascular diseases, fragile bones and many other problems that will sooner or later bring you to your care health provider. In fact, many deficiencies may cause similar symptoms, so it's never a good idea to self-diagnose.

Magnesium deficiency and skin

Magnesium is a part of many enzymes that normally work inside every cell. One of these enzymes provides that DNA replicates correctly and that new cells are born all the time. With the lack of magnesium the process is broken, new cells don't appear, and the skin loses elasticity. It becomes dull, dry and lacks tone, as a result, it looks older. But besides the fact skin cells need magnesium, its lack in the organism also affects skin in another, more complicated way. When you're stressed, your epinephrine levels skyrocket, and among other actions it makes you excrete more magnesium with urine. It is followed by the lack of magnesium in your blood, which leads to immune disbalance, which in its turn makes your skin atopic and prone to allergic reactions and acne.

The importance of a healthy diet

First and most important fix in fighting magnesium deficiency is your diet. Most magnesium in our diets is in legumes, nuts, whole grains. Magnesium can only be assimilated if you have enough vitamin B6, which is conveniently found in these foods too. Replace your white bun with a whole wheat bread (or a wheatless alternative if you can't process gluten), your jam and butter topping with some hummus or peanut butter, and you'll feel better over time. If you don't eat enough of these foods, you will probably need to think about magnesium supplements.

How magnesium works in skincare products

Due to its small particle size, magnesium is easily absorbed by the skin. As it was mentioned before, magnesium is that small detail in the enzymes that help DNA replicate and renovate our tissues. If you apply a skincare product rich in magnesium, the minerals will enter the cells that need them most.

Care products with Dead Sea salts

Suppose, your diet is perfectly fine, but the skin still looks like it could use some magnesium. It is especially common for people who deal with stress too often — and let's be honest, which of us doesn't? For your overall health, you may be advised to take supplements, but we don't advise abusing them if your only problem is in your mirror. You can bring some magnesium to your skin cells a bit quicker using the cosmetic products enriched with Dead Sea minerals that contain a significant amount of magnesium salts. The synergic effect of nutrition and cosmetic products will give the desired result much sooner. For instance, try using magnesium-enriched body cream for smoother and younger skin.

Our body is a well-balanced mechanism, and as soon as any element is missing the whole construction starts to collapse. When we put ourselves in an environment where we undergo stress every single minute, magnesium deficiency is something you can notice on a chemical level. Pay attention to it and take steps before it's a serious problem — manage your stress, adjust your diet and use nourishing skincare products.

  • Jul 23, 2019
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