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Muds and health - how it works

About a hundred years ago there wasn't much choice in pharmacies (well, at least they sold coke drinks) for people with skin conditions, neural damages, and arthritis. Before medical science gradually started to offer various possibilities to cure them, muds were probably their only go-to option. 

What muds contain

The chemical composition of muds depends on their origin. They may contain salts and sludge from the salty lakes, volcanic ash, mineral waters, etc. Depending on the composition, the mud would be advised for different conditions. For example, the Dead Sea Mud contains high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, and potassium in proportions that are vital for skin cells.

How muds work

There is a double effect for every mud (if you add thermal effect — then it's triple). First one is caused by its chemical composition and it would be different for muds from different regions. The second effect is caused by the size of the particles in the mud. While mud looks pretty uniform, it, in fact, consists of microparticles that can irritate skin receptors. This stimulates the blood flow and thus the metabolism of every cell. In general, depending on the composition, the muds have anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, relaxing and rejuvenating properties. For most diseases, the first procedures cause aggravation, because the mud activates all the processes and stimulates the metabolism in the tissues. But the final effect of mud treatment makes people get back to this old remedy.

What health issues can you tackle with muds?

Until recently muds have been the only available treatment against arthritis and similar conditions of joints. Certain neural disorders can be treated with mud treatment too, as the stimulation of skin receptors triggers the brain regions and affects the neural system in general. They are also effective for many skin conditions that are not treated easily — like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, various kinds of dermatitis and so on. 

What popular muds are there

There are popular SPA-resorts in Estonia, Iceland, Malaysia, Colombia, Romania. Some of them don't have their local natural mud but have components imported and mixed to acquire certain properties. But the most renowned for its beneficial effect for skin conditions is the Dead Sea mud. 

Dead Sea Mud properties

Dead Sea mud is a great supportive treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, but we strongly advise that you contact your health care provider before including it into your treatment routine. But Dead Sea mud is not only a remedy — it can be used for wellness and beauty as well. It hydrates the skin and relaxes the muscles, helps to decrease the wrinkles, nourishes skin cells and improves the blood circulation. It also helps to exfoliate the skin in a gentle way, to detoxify it and to make it more elastic.

Can a mud keep its properties besides where it is?

That's a question we usually get a lot. The answer is yes and no. Usually, when you visit a resort, you don't only get mud applications, you usually get the whole range of procedures. Getting to the SPA-resort for a complex treatment is one thing, getting a cosmetic product in a tub is totally different. We won't state, that the jar that contains Dead Sea mud as one of its ingredients will deliver the same benefits as the resort treatment combined with the insolation. But you can't spend months and months there, so the products with Dead Sea mud active substances are a great compromise. They can't bring you the sun, the climate and the service but they are formulated to keep all the benefits of the mud for your convenient use. So, you don't have to travel hundreds of miles to feel the how Dead Sea mud works for your skin.

  • Jul 15, 2019
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