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Personal hygiene during quarantine!

Hygiene has always been important. But today it determines the safety of every person. Therefore, they pay special attention to it. We decided to talk about 6 simple steps that will help you take care of yourself correctly and carefully. This article is about hygiene to prevent coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and other viruses.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus: simple rules

Hand washing frequently

Hands are the part of our body that interacts most with the environment. Therefore, it is important often to wash them. Namely:

  • after visiting the street;
  • before / after eating;
  • after delivery is accepted by courier;
  • after coughing or sneezing;
  • after going to the toilet.

Hand washing should be preferred even when there is a choice between an antiseptic and soap. Use Dead Sea Mineral Soap to provide an antistatic effect.

Surface disinfection

The virus maintains vital activity on objects for several days. Therefore, they need to be processed. Disinfect tables, door handles, laptop and accessories regularly. Do not forget about the smartphone. Treat it during the day and after going out.

Receiving parcels

Food delivery eliminates the need to leave home. It is important to ensure the safety of yourself and the courier when receiving the parcel. Avoid direct contact. The best option is for the courier to put the package on the car, and you pick it up from there.

Take a bath upon returning from the street

Returning home, take a bath and wash clothes at 60 degrees. It is especially recommended if you live with elderly people, infants or those who have impaired immunity.

Be mindful of your health

Wellness is more important now than ever before. Pay attention to your body. At the first symptoms of the disease, call your doctor and limit any contact. It is important to respond in a timely manner.

Take care of mental health

Self-isolation is bad for the mental health of sensitive people. And this is normal. Be kind to yourself and attentive to experiences. If the news is alarming, then limit the amount of information. Try to relax and take time for yourself. For example, take a bath. It will help to relax.

Indulge yourself. A good option would be Dead Sea Mud Soap Shemen Amour with Dead Sea minerals. It contains olive oil, chamomile and vitamin A. They make the skin soft and smooth. And hygienic properties will provide the prevention of skin problems and antiseptic effect.

Separately, it is worth noting the aroma. Mineral Mud Soap will allow, even for 30 minutes, to mentally travel to another corner of the world.

  • May 25, 2020
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