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Embarazo y cuidado corporal: productos que no sabía que necesitaba de inmediato

You probably already have your body care routine well settled. Maybe you even had time to adapt it by leaving away some of the products with harmful ingredients and by replacing them with more natural stuff. But since you're pregnant, you will need a few more things to take care of that probably never bothered you before.

Stretch marks on the belly, thighs, and breast

Stretch marks are a result of how the hormones affect your skin and often you simply can't influence the process from outside. Basically, they are stripes of collagen seen through the top layers of your skin. Your belly grows, and the skin simply doesn’t comply with the growth speed, and thus collagen shows up. But you can influence how prominent they will be (if they are coming). The key is to keep your skin hydrated and to provide it with enough vitamin E. The nourishing and hydrating Aloe Vera Gel will provide the balanced vitamins cocktail (without any excess of course) to your skin and will help you make the stretch marks as minor as possible.

Besides the hydrating, helping your skin to rejuvenate itself will help too. Try using peeling products to remove the dead skin cells and to stimulate the growth of young ones. Try using mild products with vitamin E — like our Foaming Mud Peeling. It will not only remove the ballast cells, but it’ll also help nourish and hydrate the skin.

Hormonal acne

If you fought acne your entire life, you may magically have a nine-month break and you could skip this whole paragraph. There is another way things could go. Hormones in your body experience a tremendous change, and it could take down your skin resistance resulting in pregnancy acne. If this is your case, you may want to use the products that will help you fight the bacteria on the surface of your skin, who usually make things even worth. But beware the ones that contain salicylic acid — you can't use them for now. Opt for something like this purifying mud mask. And of course, take care of your diet — eat more fiber and less saturated fats (fatty meats, pastry and so on) — replace them with healthy oils. The liquid oils in your diet make the skin sebum less thick, and it doesn’t clog the pores.

Hair loss

Pregnancy is quite a weird thing. Some people get the gift of luxurious hair and luminous skin, others become a duller version of themselves. It's important to remember, that both are temporal and will be back to normal in a few months after the birth. However, childbirth is a huge stress and most people experience noticeable hair loss afterward. Be not afraid: there's a way to help it. The nature of this process lies in the fact that during the stress the organism feeds the most important organs with blood. Turns out, your hair bulbs aren't on the VIP organs list. After the stress is over, the individual hairs may fall, but the hair bulbs are perfectly healthy and will grow new ones if stimulated. Try using hair masks that promote hair growth by activating the blood circulation around the hair follicles — like this Spirulina-Algae Anti-Hair Loss mask.

With all its ups and downs, pregnancy is a miracle and you will probably remember it as one of the best times of your life. Eat well, don't miss your doctor's appointments and take a good care of yourself.

  • Jun 21, 2019
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