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Restructuring heavily damaged and weakened hair!

Yofing Express Repair Spray - a product designed specifically for hair in need of intensive care and restoration. Strengthens weakened and severely damaged curls. It becomes obedient, smooth and easy to style and comb. Gain healthy sheen and volume. Noticeable effect after the first application. Hair spray improves elasticity, moisturizes well, helps fight brittleness. A unique formula containing argan oil and collagen provides an instant smoothing effect. Moisturizing hair spray restores curls, filling voids with liquid keratin. Regular use makes the strands obedient, full of energy and strength.

  • Recovery from root to tip. Keratin hair spray restructures curls, restoring its former strength and beauty. Liquid collagen fills the damaged areas, providing restoration even to severely damaged hair.
  • Intensive hydration. Revitalizing spray nourishes and moisturizes well, improving elasticity and removing dryness. Eliminates excessive brittleness.
  • Extra Volume. Smooth hair without weighting. They become even more voluminous and magnificent.

Unique formula for Extra volume and strength of your hair


Positive effect on elasticity, well strengthens and fights against split ends. Provides deep penetration into the hair structure, fills the void, restoring curls from the inside. Makes them obedient and smooth.

Coconut oil

Strengthens and smoothes locks, returning them elasticity and natural strength. Gives softness and silkiness from the first application. It retains moisture inside, improving the appearance of curls. Effective at split ends.

Hemp oil

It has a nourishing and moisturizing effect. Improves elasticity and eliminates brittleness. It has a restorative effect for severely damaged hair due to chemical or thermal effects.


Gives curls a healthy shine and radiance, retains moisture well. Thanks to what they are intensively restored, become stronger and stronger. Minimizes split ends.

Dead sea minerals

Stimulate hair growth, help in the fight against loss, effectively strengthen. Minerals of the Dead Sea eliminate dandruff, smooth and shiny strands.

Method of application: Shake a bottle well before use. Spray on clean and dry hair after applying shampoo. The product does not require rinsing.
  • Mar 02, 2020
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