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Skin Exfoliation: how it works

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it’s a pie of many layers. It’s a very complex structure. Not to bore you with an anatomy lecture, we’ll only say that the top layer of the skin can be compared to a single-use cover. When it’s time, you need to shed it, and the lower layers of your skin will produce a new cover for proper protection. But naturally, the top layer of your skin will not shed evenly — this will cause an uneven skin color and surface. Cosmetic scrubs are a simple and natural way to help your skin get rid of the old dead cells and to stimulate the growth of a new healthy looking outer layer. 

More reasons to exfoliate

Besides the fact that the superficial level of skin makes your skin look a bit unhealthy over time, it also prevents all the goodness from your magical skincare products from penetrating your skin. Yes, the epidermis is there to keep the barrier, but it also doesn’t let your favorite serums and essences deeper into the skin. Adding a scrub to your regular routine also helps all other products and multiplies their effect. So maybe your new serum doesn’t work well not because of the lack of the active components in it, but due to the fact that your epidermis simply doesn’t let it in? A scrub might help solve that.

How often and which ones? 

Now that we know that exfoliation is absolutely necessary, there is another question. How often should we exfoliate our skin in order to get good results and not to do harm? Because harshly removing what your skin has built is also not a good idea — there has to be a healthy balance. Another question is what type of scrubs should one choose. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” decision. 

Let’s say skin sensitivity is a spectrum (which it actually is). If you belong to the lowest skin sensitivity crew, you can exfoliate up to three times a week without experiencing any problems. You can also try scrubs with different abrasive particles. If you are “a princess and a pea”, and your skin is extremely sensitive, it doesn’t mean that exfoliating is not for you. Thankfully, there are scrubs that have mild abrasive power, and you can choose them. Look for the scrubs that are based on mud or charcoal particles. Having soothing oils as ingredients is also helpful. As for the schedule, it’ll be enough to exfoliate once a week. Remember that scrubs are a mechanical way of removing the dead skin cells, while there are also chemical peels that can help with this too.

Ingrown hair solution

Using scrubs is also crucial in case you are desperately fighting your body hair. Most of hair removal procedures gradually cause a nuisance — ingrown hair. A body scrub will help to avoid it, so that the new hair will have enough space to grow and wouldn’t curl back into the skin, causing inflammation. 

Using scrubs is a helpful and natural way to make your skin look healthier and more youthful. They help to avoid skin problems and to make various skincare treatments work more effectively. 

  • Nov 04, 2020
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