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TOP-3 Antibacterial Agents!

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, adhering to personal hygiene rules means taking care of yourself and others. There are recommendations to help you do this. They are extremely simple. You need to wash your hands and disinfect surrounding objects. The necessary antiseptic agents are determined precisely by these tasks. You can buy them or make them yourself.


We touch the railing in public places, goods on the shelves and door handles. There may be a virus on them. Therefore, wash your hands thoroughly after visiting the street and toilet, eating, and receiving a parcel. Good antiseptic properties of soap are important.

An excellent option is Mineral Mud Soap Shemen Amour with vitamins and minerals of the Dead Sea. Reliably cleanses the skin. It contains supplements with caring properties.

The presence of dirt in the Dead Sea provides a cosmetic effect and a stunning aroma of the product. Hygiene will be pleasant with dead mud sea soap. After all, every time you wash your hands, you will be transported to the seashore. Even for 30 seconds.

Antiseptic products for the body

Sometimes you have to leave the house. For example, to buy products. In this case, upon returning home, you must immediately take a bath and do laundry.

The virus can live on objects for several days. Therefore, returning from the street, start the wash at a temperature of 60 degrees or more. Next, worry about disinfecting the body and hair.

To make the process reliable, choose detergents with antiseptic properties. For example, antibacterial shampoo YOFING. It perfectly complements the soap, as it also contains Dead Sea minerals. Antibiotic shampoo perfectly restores hair. Therefore, you can not worry about the fact that the scalp is overdried. A pleasant aroma will allow you to relax after visiting crowded places.


Antiseptic hand is needed for processing objects, surfaces and hands (in the absence of soap). Due to their widespread use, mini hand sanitizer is consumed fairly quickly. But you can save by simply making it yourself at home.

What ingredients are needed for a hand sanitizer?

  1. Alcohol (2 parts).
  2. Aloe Vera Gel (1 part).

Preparation - mix the ingredients. After that, the antiseptic is ready.

If you want the product not to dry the skin, then choose a good aloe vera gel. For example, from YOFING. It cares for the skin, moisturizes and restores elasticity. Therefore, you can use an antiseptic as much as you like. So, increase your safety.

  • May 18, 2020
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