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¿Qué obtienes al aplicar la serie Gold de Kava Kava?
Dry and brittle hair - a common problem. Nutrition, improper care, the negative effects of the environment and stress make them deprived of life and energy. But you really want to look beautiful and well-groomed. The new line of products from Kava Kava effectively copes with such unpleasant consequences, returning curls to their former beauty. Complex regular use will help to get the strands of your dreams and attract the attention of others.

What do you get from applying the gold series from Kava Kava?

  • Recovery. Thanks to keratin, the product fills the voids, making the hair strong and elastic. They are alive and full of energy again. Suitable for damaged hair as a result of heat and chemical treatment.
  • Smoothness. Regular use of the series allows you to improve the condition of the hair make them silky and smooth. Get locks of dreams with the departure from Kava Kava.
  • Moisturizing. It contains natural oils that take care of the optimal level of moisture. The hair is soft, docile and beautiful. They are again elastic and less brittle.
  • Shine. Every girl wants lively locks filled with power. Means help to achieve radiance and healthy shine.

Gold Shampoo

Recovery Shampoo, which will not leave any girl indifferent. It contains natural oils, keratin and gold, which gently care for damaged hair, restoring their structure. Keratin fills the voids, restoring smoothness and silkiness. Gold and collagen helps to avoid brittleness and dryness. Perfectly cleanses from impurities, makes hair soft, docile.

Gold Dust Hair Mask

Recovery mask, which will give a new life to damaged hair. Ideal for curls damaged by thermal and chemical exposure. Thanks to keratin, strands return elasticity and smoothness. It penetrates deep, restoring the structure from the inside. Hair becomes alive, obedient and strong again.

Golden Serum

Against this serum, even curly and dry curls can not resist. A well-thought-out complex restores damage, improves the condition of the hair, makes them smooth, supple and vibrant. The strands are again strong and shiny. Hair serum for damaged hair helps straighten hair.

Who is this series for?

Do you want to get intensive care for damaged hair? Then the line is perfect. Kava Kava is care and love for your strands. Please yourself with a quality complex of ingredients that works on the health and strength of curls.
  • May 12, 2020
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