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Yofing Hair Serum With Collagen - an intensive restoration of severely damaged and weakened hair

Yofing Hair Serum With Collagen - regenerating collagen serum designed specifically for severely damaged hair after chemical or thermal exposure. As part of a complex of oils and minerals of the Dead Sea, aimed at protecting against repeated damage. The product enriches hair with nutrients important for the beauty and health of curls. It perfectly moisturizes, strengthens, eliminates brittleness and hair loss. Provides conditioning and smoothing curls, filling them with strength and beauty.

  • Recovery from the inside out. Serum with argan oil helps to restructure damaged strands, strengthen them and restore former energy. Ideal for loose hair.
  • Healthy curls. Serum for damaged hair provides deep hydration, eliminating strands from excessive fragility. Strengthens from the very roots, fights against hair loss.
  • Moisturizing and nutrition. Due to the collagen content, the product retains moisture well. Hair becomes smooth, silky, gaining healthy shine. 

A complex of natural ingredients for intensive recovery


Known for its moisture retention properties, which provides a healthy glow and radiance. Strengthens weak ringlets, fights against split ends. Healthy strands filled with beauty and life.

Macadamia seed oil

Restores strands, helps get rid of dandruff and excessive fat. Dull hair is again soft, shiny and silky. They are strong and healthy.

Hemp oil

Helps to restructure damaged hair, get rid of brittleness. Makes strands more elastic, nourishes and moisturizes. Restores after heat and chemical treatment.

Argan oil

Strengthens curls, fights against excessive fragility and split ends. As a result of using the strands become silky, obedient and smooth. It nourishes well and has a positive effect on hair growth.

Castor oil

Protects curls from heat treatment, improves growth, moisturizes and fills with energy and strength. Dull strands regain lively shine, without dryness and split ends.

Application method: Apply the product on clean, damp hair. Spread the entire length, paying particular attention to the tips. Then rinse with warm water.

  • Mar 02, 2020
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