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Yofing Keratin Shampoo Repair Hair Formula With Argan Oil - effective hair restoration and smoothing

Yofing Keratin Shampoo Repair Hair Formula With Argan Oil is a premium segment shampoo for curly hair. Aimed at actively restoring and smoothing naughty strands. The feature of the tool is that it provides effective alignment without loss of volume. A great option for owners of curly hair who want to return a healthy glow and give curls smoothness. Helps in the fight against split ends, improves elasticity, makes hair stronger. Protects from the negative effects of hot air under the influence of a hair dryer, cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes well. As a result, curls become more obedient, easy to style and comb..

  • Obedient and silky. Shampoo with argan oil is designed specifically for curly hair, perfectly levels them, makes them smooth and even. Provides comfortable combing and styling.
  • Without loss of volume. The light formula does not weigh curls, they remain lush and attractive.
  • Recovery. Keratin shampoo removes dryness, brittleness, strengthening strands from the inside. Protects from the negative effects of hot air. Improves elasticity and restores natural strength.
  • Moisturizing. Shampoo for volume makes up for the lack of moisture, nourishes well. Weakened curls gain vibrant brilliance and beauty.

Nature and innovation for the health of your hair

Argan oil

It has a strengthening effect, helps to fight split ends, gluing scales. Gives curls smoothness and silkiness. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes, restoring the optimum moisture level, which prevents excessive dryness.


Makes curls elastic, preventing brittleness and susceptibility to mechanical stress. Protects from heat and chemical treatment. It penetrates deep into the hair, improving the structure of curls. Effective at split ends. 


Vitamins play an important role in hair health. Their insufficient amount leads to excessive fragility, dryness, the appearance of split ends. Regular use of shampoo helps to restore radiance and shine, to make curls more elastic and more obedient.


Restores hair, returns beauty and energy. Proteins envelop the rods, giving the strands strength, which prevents brittleness, makes curls shining, voluminous.

Method of application: Squeeze a sufficient amount of shampoo on the palm, apply to the hair, evenly distributing along the entire length. Leave for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with water.

  • Feb 27, 2020
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