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Yofing Champú Reparador Para Cabello Dañado

Yofing Recovery Shampoo For Damaged Hair - a tool aimed at restoring weakened hair as a result of dyeing and exposure to hot air. Provides effective hydration, nutrition, strengthens and simplifies the process of styling and combing. The composition is rich in keratin, argan oil, Dead Sea mud, which allows intensive care of damaged hair. The tool returns elasticity and natural beauty to the strands. Perfectly cleanses, providing a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Curls get the same strength, shine and silkiness. Moisturizing shampoo is effective in combating split ends. 

  • Smoothing and leveling. Argan oil, Dead Sea mud and keratin create intense nutrition and smoothing. As a result of regular argan oil shampoo application, the curls become smooth, easy to style and comb.
  • Restorative effect. Shampoo for damaged hair restructures weakened strands. Keratin fills the damaged areas, strengthening them. Hair becomes elastic, less brittle, returns former strength and beauty.
  • Shine. Forget the dull strands. With this recovery Shampoo, the curls will shine again. Natural ingredients aim to restore optimal moisture levels 

Natural ingredients to strengthen weak hair 

Argan oil

An excellent source of nutrients aimed at the active restoration of curls. Allows you to fight with split ends. Strengthens hair, nourishes, improves the growth process. Regular use improves the structure of curls, fills them with vitality, makes them smooth and obedient.

Dead Sea Mud

Damaged strands regain their former beauty, the Dead Sea mud well strengthens weakened hair, helps fight split ends and excessive hair loss. Curls become shiny and vibrant. 


Fills damaged areas of hair, effectively restoring them. Strengthens locks, making it elastic, less brittle. Protects from thermal and chemical effects. Struggling with split ends, curls become obedient and smooth. 


Lively and healthy hair is the dream of every girl. Proteins allow you to effectively deal with damage by strands, restoring its former smoothness. Envelop hair, making it silky and full of energy.

Application method:

Apply shampoo to wet hair with massaging movements. Distribute along the length of the hair. Rinse with warm water.

  • Mar 10, 2020
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