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Trattare le condizioni della pelle con i prodotti del Mar Morto: come funziona

Our health is a very fragile mechanism. Oftentimes it takes a little imbalance, a little stress here and there or just a small change in your environment and it breaks. Our skin is an accurate representation of our general health, but oftentimes the skin itself loses its battle against the harmful agents. Psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, various kinds of dermatitis — many of these nasty skin conditions appear to be chronic and require constant care and attention. 

Usually, a person with a skin condition will be prescribed a whole range of treatments. The Dead Sea salts and mud can take one of the key roles in treating them, and the worldwide experience shows that many people find them very helpful. We are in no way offering any medical advice here. It's rather an idea to discuss with your health care provider or a dermatologist. 


People get psoriasis when their immune system is overactivated. The skin builds extra layers of cells, which causes thick, flaky skin. There are different kinds of psoriasis and all of them should be approached individually. But besides the common treatment with steroids, you may be advised to include the Dead Sea care products into your everyday routine. 

The Dead Sea mud can be applied directly to the psoriasis flares. The minerals that are concentrated in the Dead Sea mud help to soften dry, itchy skin patches. The most noticeable effect for people with psoriasis, of course, is achieved by combining the topical application of Dead Sea cosmetic products with the insolation and other treatments available in the region only. But if visiting Israel is not an option for you right now, you can consider product sets like this combination of recovery oil and calm cream.

Eczema, atopic dermatitis

It's not known for sure where it comes from, but it is often a consequence of an immune system breakdown. And as soon as one gets it, it can be triggered by different things time and again. Hot water, new shampoo, sunscreen, sweat, wool sweater — seems like almost anything can cause a new episode. The skin gets dry, itchy, sometimes with a rash. 

To make the nasty eczema symptoms easier, you may use Dead Sea salts for a bath. Soaking your body in the salts solution decreases itchiness and increases the barrier properties of the skin. It also relieves stress which is one of the factors that could trigger eczema in the first place. The cream like our healthy skin cream will also add to the skin protection and help avoid dryness.


There are multiple reasons for acne — hormone imbalance, a diet rich in saturated fatty acids, stress, etc. It's rather a question of "why", not "how" the bacteria that live on the surface of everybody's skin suddenly cause the unsightly outbreaks. Dead Sea salts have strong anti-microbial properties, which makes them a great treatment for acne. The skincare products like our acne treatment set help in two ways — they kill the germs and help to renew the skin.

Dead Sea care products are formulated to bring all the benefits of Dead Sea water to the comfort of your home. All the excipients are chosen carefully not to interfere with the active substances and not to cause allergies or any skin reactions. What we can't help you with is that we can't bottle the sunshine and the scenery, but we would certainly bring it too if only that was possible.

  • Jul 19, 2019
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