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Watch the redness fade away as you soothe your angry, dry, tight skin with this calming three-step system! When you suffer from couperose, small, dilated red blood vessels on your skin make it appear red and flushed, especially on your neck, cheeks and nose. The powerful Yofing Brightening Therapy Skin Care Set cleans impurities, improves circulation in the capillaries under your skin and dramatically lightens redness. Regain your confidence as your color returns to normal and your skin becomes supple and kissably soft.

Set contains:

Clear skin wash 100ml

A good complexion begins with clear skin. Refreshing skin wash thoroughly removes impurities without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance. Contains amino acids for skin nourishment. Clears away impurities and dead skin cells and even removes excess oil. It leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean.
Application: Wet your face and apply a small amount with circular motions. Cleanse and rinse.

Hyaluronic serum 30ml

Hyaluronic serum regains the moisture to the skin and helps to nourish it. Using our serum before wrinkles start appearing, can help delay ï?ne lines and wrinkles from developing. Hyaluronic serum contains natural active ingredients, which ï?rms the skin and protects it from the exposure to the harsh environment. Beneï?ts you will ï?nd when using this product include - reduction in noticeable wrinkles, smoother and hydrated skin.
Application: Apply to a clean face and massage as needed before applying moisturizer.

Couperose expert cream 30ml

Intensive nourishment for all skin types with couperose
Our Couperose Expert cream reduces skin's sensitivity, the predispositions to couperose, diminishing the couperose related signs. The cream creates a wonderfully unique combination, that are very beneï?ciary on the resistance of capillary vessels, improves the circulation at skin's level, diminishes inï‚ammations and protects the skin, as well as deeply lightens your skins pigmentation.
Application: Apply in the morning and evening, on clean and make-up free skin.



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