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Gillette Venus

Venus Radiant Skin & Olay Moisturizer Serum


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Olay® Collab Dermatologists recommend moisturizing your skin while it’s still damp to lock in hydration. So, we partnered with the beauty scientists at Olay® to help us design the perfect solution for soft and silky post-shave skin. A luxurious moisturizer inspired by the sea and crafted with a hint of minerals flows from your razor at the press of a button.

  • World’s 1st Venus & Olay moisturizer dispensing razor
  • The best Venus cartridge with 5 Nuluxe blades
  • Pearl Power Olay moisturizer with a touch of seaborn minerals and floral scent
  • The hair removal for women that breaks the cycle of dryness by keeping skin moisturized while shaving
  • A smooth shave with an easy and gentle glide, Venus Radiant Skin are the perfect razors for women with sensitive skin

    How to use:
    - Click your blades and moisturizer into the handle
    - Press the button to release the moisturizer
    - Shave and press the button again every few strokes to release more moisturizer
    - Rinse and enjoy exfoliated, smooth and moisturized skin
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