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Alternative+ care products

If you want to look youthful, well-groomed, and beautiful, you should try Alternative care products enriched with magic Dead Sea minerals and dedicated to make your skin better. You can buy them in Dead Sea Shop packed with efficient and quality goods for various hair and skin care protocols.

About alternative care products

The Alternative plus cosmetics are made in Israel by a reputable manufacturer guaranteeing the proper scientific research and development of the best formulas. Their assortment includes a wide range of items for the skin. There are various purposes preventing the negative influence and other factors influencing the skin. The key active ingredients are taken from the Dead Sea. These are salts, minerals, mud which constitute the most part of all compositions. The cosmetics are easy to apply and result in an improved skin of all existing types. Here you can find the products reducing the signs of aging, moisturizing, and nourishing. They will make the skin look delicate and smooth.

What do we offer?

In our catalogue there are products of Alternative plus containing an effective concentration of Dead Sea minerals like:

  1. hand cream which will protect your hair from environment factors and provide extensive care;
  2. foot cream for those, who need to soften skin of the bottom of the feet;
  3. body care kits consisting of creams with a silky consistency for various body parts;
  4. facial products including the time control serum, active eye cream, balancing cleanser and day/night creams with components vital for cell recovery and with sunscreens.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop invites the customers to enjoy a rich range of benefits like:

  • tons of cosmetic products from various manufacturers of Israel, the peculiarities of which are the Dead Sea ingredients;
  • offering from the certified manufacturers which guarantee the high quality of the products;
  • a fast and accurate delivery to every corner of the world with use of our own logistic channel;
  • an email professional support which is ready to be of help 24/7.
Look through our assortment of products made in Israel popular among locals and tourists. You will find intensive skin and hair care to maintain their beauty. Place an order, buy Alternative plus cosmetics and get it delivered right to your destination in no time! In our online store you can also buy best hair products from Yofing brand for your skin developed to solve various problems.
ALTERNATIVE + – Time Control Vitamin Serum – Capsuls -
ALTERNATIVE +Time Control Vitamin Serum
$37.50 $74.99 -49%Sold out
ALTERNATIVE + - Body Lotion NEW -
ALTERNATIVE +Silky Body Cream
$24.90 $39.90 -37%
Sea of Spa Alternative Plus - Intensive Protection Hand Cream -
ALTERNATIVE +Intensive Protection Hand Cream
$18.90 $28.90 -34%
ALTERNATIVE + – Active Nourishing Night Cream -
ALTERNATIVE +Active Nourishing Night Cream
$35.75 $71.50 -50%
ALTERNATIVE + – Active Eye Serum -
ALTERNATIVE +Active Eye Serum
$35.25 $70.50 -50%
Sea of Spa Alternative Plus -Foot Cream -
ALTERNATIVE +Multi Intensive Foot Cream
$18.90 $28.90 -34%
ALTERNATIVE + – Time Control Active Day Cream -
ALTERNATIVE +Time Control Active Day Cream
$35.75 $71.50 -50%
Sea of Spa Alternative Plus - Active Facial Toner -
ALTERNATIVE +Active Facial Toner
$22.45 $44.90 -50%
Sea of Spa Alternative Plus - Active Eye & Decollete Cream -
ALTERNATIVE +Active Eye & Decollete Cream
$35.62 $71.25 -50%
Alternative Plus - 4 Facial Care Products Kit - deadseashop.comAlternative Plus - 4 Facial Care Products Kit -
ALTERNATIVE +Luxury Facial Kit
$175.00 $345.00 -49%
ALTERNATIVE + – Active Facial Serum -
$35.75 $71.50 -50%
Alternative Plus - Body Care Kit  - deadseashop.comSea Of Spa Alternative Body Care Kit -
ALTERNATIVE + – Active Balancing Cleanser -
ALTERNATIVE +Active Balancing Cleanser
$27.90 $47.90 -41%Sold out

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