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Bio spa cosmetics

Are you ready to find the most efficient skincare meeting your individual needs? Then you should try Bio SPA cosmetics with the latest technologies used. You can find the products, which you are interested in, at Dead Sea Shop and get it delivered in the fastest way.

About Bio spa cosmetics

Bio SPA brand is represented by Sea Of Spa company founded in Israel. It is known for its unique line with a triple effect complex which was developed right in the Sea of Spa laboratories. You will appreciate this beauty care for sure. The formula consists of ingredients complementing each other extremely well. They are the minerals of the Dead Sea and Dunaliella seaweed.

This world-famous brand offers a wide range of skin care products with the above mentioned active ingredients. There are all types of products you may need for your daily skin care routine. The treatment will be delicate and efficient due to a well-balanced formula. The skin will be clean, moisturized, and nourished with minerals and vitamins. There are products with protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

What do we offer?

In our catalogues there are a lot of Bio SPA care products including:

  1. Masks. There are a lot of them. You can choose a peeling one enriched with the wheat germ oil which is able to remove dirt and dead cells renewing the skin surface and providing its natural glow and smoothness. There are masks with Vitamin C, seaweed, Dead Sea minerals, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. They moisturize the skin leaving it soft and fresh.
  2. Creams with anti-aging, protective, nourishing effects. They are formulated for various types of the skin. There are creams for a delicate space around the eyes. Also, you can experience a product enriched with carrot and oblipicha oils reducing the signs of aging.  
  3. Body butters and creams. These products are rich in Dead Sea minerals, antioxidant fig extract, collagen, vitamin E, and natural oils, being free from parabens and minerals oils.

Our advantages

If you have an eager desire to try the above described and other products of this manufacturer, go to Dead Sea Shop and enjoy an easy way to get them as soon as possible. We do care of your comfort and safety that is why we promise that our customers will get:

  • a free access to the well-designed and safe website where every user who is eighteen years old or older can benefit from all our options and products;
  • the right to return the purchased goods if he is not completely satisfied with them provided that there is a mark on the package that not more than 14 days passed from the delivery date.
  • a full or partial compensation of shipping costs for the goods returned in the form of a discount for the next order.
Buy Bio SPA cosmetics with comfort without leaving your country and your sweet home. Just customize your choices of products in accordance with your specific requirements, place an order following the simple instructions at our online store and get the cosmetics delivered by your door. In our online store you can also buy best hair products from Yofing brand for your skin developed to solve various problems.
Anti Aging 45+ Active Day Cream
BIO SPAAnti Aging 45+ Active Day Cream
$24.50 $39.00 -37%
Sea Of Spa Bio Spa Avocado Body Cream -
BIO SPAAvocado Cream
$17.90 $27.90 -35%
Sea Of Spa Bio Spa Fig & Olive Softening Body Butter -
BIO SPAFig & Olive Softening Body Butter
$14.90 $24.00 -37%
Sea Of Spa Lemon & Passionfruit Energizing Body Butter -
BIO SPALemon & Passionfruit Energizing Body Butter
$14.90 $24.00 -37%Sold out
Bio Spa - Nourishing Foot Butter -
BIO SPANourishing Foot Butter
$14.00 $24.00 -41%Sold out
Firming Face Serum
BIO SPAFirming Face Serum
$24.50 $41.00 -40%
Anti Wrinkle Night Cream With Macadamia Oil
Special Salt For Your Feet
BIO SPASpecial Salt For Your Feet
$9.50 $15.00 -36%
Sea Of Spa Natural Black Mud Shampoo -
BIO SPANatural Black Mud Shampoo
$15.00 $30.00 -50%
Anti-Crack Foot Cream
BIO SPAAnti-Crack Foot Cream
$10.25 $20.50 -50%
Sea Of Spa Bio Spa Firming Body Cream -
BIO SPAFirming Body Cream
$19.90 $32.20 -38%
Repairing Hand Cream
BIO SPARepairing Hand Cream
$9.50 $15.00 -36%
Nourishing Night Cream With RoseSea of Spa Bio Spa Night Cream with Collagen and Rose -
BIO SPANourishing Night Cream With Rose
$24.90 $38.00 -34%
Sea Of Spa Bio Spa Papaya Body Cream -
BIO SPAPapaya Cream
$17.90 $27.90 -35%
Sea Of Spa Bio Spa Pure Mud Collagen Mask -
BIO SPAPure Mud Collagen Mask
$18.49 $36.99 -50%
Protective Day Cream With Oblipicha & Carrot Oil
BIO SPAProtective Day Cream
$24.50 $39.00 -37%

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