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Black pearl cosmetics

Have you ever tried Black pearl cosmetics? If you have not, you definitely should! This brand uses a magic active ingredient with an extraordinary impact on the skin. You can buy it in Dead Sea Shop on favorable terms.

About black pearl cosmetics

The Black pearl products contain the active substances derived from the Dead Sea. This is a natural source of particular substances like the therapeutic mud, minerals, seaweed, water, and salts which are used as raw materials for the cosmetic of this brand. The formulas are really unique being based only on natural components including pearls and algae from the Dead Sea. The ingredients make it possible to make the skin radiant, clean, young, smooth, and moisturized. The skin cells get plenty of vital vitamins and minerals, which contribute to regeneration. The pearl powder is able to restore collagen. Thus, the products of the Black Pearl line are very useful for age control.

What do we offer?

In our catalogues there are products of this brand for various purposes. For instance, you can buy:

  1. Eye roll-on for a daily use which will help your tired eyes to get of puffiness. It contains natural nutrients, which work in a perfect way together with rolling applicator. You can stimulate the eye area refreshing it. The formula includes caffeine and mint extract.
  2. Serums, night and day creams with SPF. The products contain various precious agents keeping the skin balanced and young. There are creams smoothening out wrinkles.
  3. Face mousse cleanser removes make up easily while its active ingredients refresh and smooth the skin.
  4. Beauty masks with nice fragrance are created to meet various requirements. There are deep cleansers, nourishing masks and ones with an antigravity effect.
  5. Body creams with pearl powder and Dead Sea minerals are very efficient nourishing the skin with those splendid natural elements. They allow feeling fresh and beautiful.
  6. Hand and nail creams, which are very powerful, providing a long-term protection for your hands and nails. The special combination of pearl powder, seaweed and Dead Sea minerals promotes a balanced moisture level in the skin, refines, and protects the skin of your hands, which are constantly exposed to harsh conditions and pollutants.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is full of option enhancing online shopping like:

  • affordable prices being quoted on basis of EU delivery;
  • several payment options including acceptance of most major credit/debit cards;
  • guarantee not to pass on the personal, credit or debit card details of a user to third parties.

Look through our catalogue, place an order and enjoy the best cosmetic products of Israel. You can get the black pearl in USA, Europe and other countries of the world. In our online store you can also buy best hair products from Yofing brand for your skin developed to solve various problems.

black pearl - Perfect Day Cream 45+ – SPF 25 - deadseashop.comblack pearl - Perfect Day Cream 45+ – SPF 25 - deadseashop
BLACK PEARLPerfect Day Cream 45+ SPF 25
$54.90 $71.00 -22%
black pearl - Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum - deadseashop.comblack pearl - Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum - deadseashop
BLACK PEARLContouring Face & Eye Cream Serum
$49.90 $69.00 -27%
black pearl - Nourishing Night Cream - deadseashop.comblack pearl - Nourishing Night Cream - deadseashop
BLACK PEARLNourishing Night Cream
$49.90 $69.00 -27%
Prestige Capsules - Repair ComplexPrestige Capsules Repair Complex -
BLACK PEARLPrestige Capsules - Repair Complex
$58.00 $108.00 -46%Sold out
black pearl - Smooth Out Eye & Lip Contour Cream - deadseashop.comblack pearl - Smooth Out Eye & Lip Contour Cream - deadseashop
Day Cream - SPF 25
$49.90 $69.00 -27%
Gravity Black Mud MaskGravity Black Mud Mask -
BLACK PEARLGravity Black Mud Mask
$58.00 $108.00 -46%
Black Pearl Luxury Body Cream - deadseashop.comBlack Pearl Luxury Body Cream -
BLACK PEARLLuxury Body Cream
$49.90 $69.80 -28%
black pearl - Pearl Peeling Mask - deadseashop.comblack pearl - Pearl Peeling Mask - deadseashop
BLACK PEARLPearl Peeling Mask
$49.90 $69.00 -27%
black pearl - Light Day Cream – SPF 25 - deadseashop.comblack pearl - Light Day Cream – SPF 25 - deadseashop
BLACK PEARLLight Day Cream – SPF 25
$49.90 $69.00 -27%
Control Night CreamControl Night Cream
BLACK PEARLControl Night Cream
$49.90 $69.00 -27%
Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream -
BLACK PEARLNourishing Hand & Nail Cream
$34.90 $47.60 -26%
Anti-Puffiness Eye Roll-On -
BLACK PEARLAnti-Puffiness Eye Roll-On
$59.90 $81.50 -26%
Velvet Foot Cream -
BLACK PEARLVelvet Foot Cream
$34.90 $47.60 -26%
Neck & Décolleté Beauty Maskblack pearl Neck & Décolleté Beauty Mask - deadseashop
BLACK PEARLNeck & Décolleté Beauty Mask
$59.90 $79.00 -24%

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