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Seaofspa cosmetics

Buy luxury Seaofspa cosmetics to wash your skin, saturate it with effective ingredients, make it smooth, delicate, and hydrated. The efficiency of the products is proved by a lot of users. You can buy the products of this brand at Dead Sea Shop.

About Seaofspa cosmetics

The company was founded in 1996 in Israel and since that time they have developed their production in accordance with the high industry standards. The brand is introduced in over 60 countries of the world and known for its innovative approach to a manufacturing process and high quality ingredients they use. The key bio component is Dead Sea minerals which leads to the promised results. 

What do we offer?

Try Sea SPA skin care to improve your health and appearance! We offer a wide range of products of this brand like:

  1. Soaps. There are soaps for various purposes. You can choose an anticellulite one with Seaweed and pure oils cleansing and nourishing the skin. Scrubbing allows maintaining the skin, leaving it fresh and tight. There is a product with glycerin and 27 Dead Sea minerals for moisturizing.
  2. Deodorants. It contains vitamin E, pearl powder, oils, shea butter, aloe vera extract, and other components preventing the smell and helping keep the natural moisture balance of the skin.
  3. Toothpaste for perfect oral hygiene. This is a therapeutic one enriched with Dead Sea minerals for healthy gums and teeth without caries.
  4. Facial creams. They come with well-balanced formulas containing propolis, organic oils, honey, and minerals, which are able to treat rough, dry, and irritated skin. If you want to provide a perfect hydration of the skin, lift and nourish it, try these creams.
  5. Body butter. They have regenerating and nourishing effects, strengthening and softening the skin.
  6. Hair care products including shampoos and conditioners are made with the same principle components.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is a well-designed online area where everybody can place an order and get it delivered within the shortest possible time. Here you can count to get access to:

  • a diverse assortment of brands and cosmetic products formulated on the basis of Dead Sea components;
  • our own logistics service providing our customers with supremely fast and accurate delivery of the purchased items to any destination;
  • competent and friendly customer support being ready to render assistance to anyone who needs it.
In Israel Sea of SPA is a reputable and widely-known producer. Be sure to buy only original goods at our Dead Sea Shop and form your own opinion about their quality if you have not yet tried the solutions offered by this brand. In our online store you can also buy best hair products from Yofing brand for your skin developed to solve various problems.
Sea of Spa - Hand Cream with Magnesium -
Sea Of SpaHand Cream with Magnesium
$9.00 $18.00 -50%
Sulfur Soap -
Sea Of SpaSulfur Soap
$6.00 $12.00 -50%
Dead Sea Mud Soap -
Sea Of SpaDead Sea Mud Soap
$8.90 $12.00 -25%
Sea Of Spa Foot Cream with Magnesium -
Sea Of SpaFoot Cream with Magnesium
$9.00 $18.00 -50%
Herbal Shampoo - DeadSeaShop.comSea Of Spa Herbal Shampoo -
Sea Of SpaHerbal Shampoo
$39.90 $49.90 -20%Sold out
Treatment Body Milk-Soap - DeadSeaShop.comSea Of Spa Treatment Body Milk-Soap -
Sea Of SpaTreatment Body Milk-Soap
$39.90 $49.90 -20%Sold out
Snow White Body Perfume -
Sea Of SpaSnow White Body Perfume
$58.00Sold out
Sea of Spa - Snow White Body Oil -
Sea Of SpaSnow White Body Oil
$28.90 $35.00 -17%Sold out
Sea of Spa - Snow White Bath Milk  -
Sea Of SpaSnow White Bath Milk
$28.90 $34.00 -15%Sold out
sea of Spa - Snow White Body Butter  -
Sea Of SpaSnow White Body Butter
$28.90 $45.00 -35%Sold out
Sea Of spa Psomedic Cream - Skin Relife - deadseashop.comPsomedic Cream - Skin Relife -
Sea Of SpaPsomedic Cream - Skin Relife
$39.90 $49.99 -20%
Dead Sea Salt Soap
Sea Of SpaDead Sea Salt Soap
$8.90 $12.00 -25%
Dead Sea Acne Soap
Sea Of SpaDead Sea Acne Soap
$8.90 $12.00 -25%
Dead Sea Anti-Cellulite Seaweed Soap

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