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We have Dead Sea neck care cream for various skin types and purposes. Browse our assortment to find the product you want. It can treat aging skin or just moisturize and nourish.

About Dead Sea neck cream

The neck is a very delicate area which shows aging much earlier and demands more attention and skincare. The experts say that every woman should start thinking about the beauty of her décolletage from an early age. It is important to avoid continuous sunbathing, protect the skin with broad-spectrum sunscreen creams. The skin should be cleansed gently but still exfoliation does matter and should be performed on a regular basis. It is important to moisturize and nourish it every day. It is good to find efficient products including those which contain antioxidants.

Most of the above effects are possible if you apply Dead Sea cream enriched with 21 natural minerals and vitamins to reach the goals as soon as possible and get the lasting result even if you are struggling against wrinkles.

What do we offer?

In our catalogue you can find the following products for neck and decollete:

  1. beauty mask enriched with pearl powder and seaweed in addition to Dead Sea minerals. It is recommended for all types of skin to make it clean, nourished, and rejuvenated.
  2. active eye and decollete highly nourishing cream with herbal oils and vitamins. It contributes to cell recovery.
  3. multi-active capsules suitable for any skin type. If you are 25 years and more, you can start with this treatment in order to regenerate skin cells and avoid early aging. It includes Hyaluronic acid and collagen in addition to all other vital components.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is glad to:

  •           provide free unlimited access to our rich assortment of related brands supplying Israel cosmetics at affordable prices;
  •           allow everybody to place an order without much effort and get involved in the protected transaction;
  •           arrange the prompt and accurate delivery of the goods purchased on our website all over the world;
  •           offer a range of payment options to make it easy for any customer to pay for the goods including credit/debit cards.
  •           tell you that all personal data you enter or send us, we do not share with anybody.

Go to our shop and buy premier Dead Sea neck cream to keep your delicate area looking beautiful, young, and healthy longer. Remember that it is unique, differing from the skin of other parts of the body! You can read the reviews about the products from our assortment to learn more about the experience of our customers.


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