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You can hardly do without a conditioner especially if you do not apply any masks. Try and you’ll see that after washing with a shampoo, you will have difficulties with combing, the hair may have frizz, look dull and not as shiny as you’d prefer.

The organic hair conditioner removes the above issues and at the same time it allows refusing a chemical intake which can be harmful. If you use natural cosmetics, it will contribute to healthier hair. In the Dead Sea Shop, there are a lot of organic conditioners for any hair type.

About hair conditioner

If you have dry, damaged hair and you do not want to ruin your haircut, you just have to use a conditioner. But even if your hair is healthy and thick, skipping the conditioner after you shampoo will cause a range of problems. Thus, under any circumstances conditioning is needed to make hair plump, healthy, smooth, shiny, being easy to comb and style. In fact, additional functions can be different depending on a formula. But the key purpose of this second step to washing is to make hair easier to manage.

There are products smoothing and strengthening the hair cuticle and that prevents it from breakage and thinning. The appliance of hot styling tools, frequent coloring, environmental factors without conditioning will definitely damage the hair making it lifeless. On the contrary, an organic conditioner applied after every shampoo provides silky and healthy hair. In order to achieve the best result, it is essential to choose an appropriate product suiting your hair type, its length, texture, and issues with it. 

What do we offer?

In our catalogues you will find various versions of an organic conditioner developed for various purposes including:

  1. hydrogenic one which moisturizes the hair – a perfect solution for chemically treated hair - it contains organic extracts of plants which nourish and soften the dry hair leaving it much more disciplined;
  2. restoring one with keratin, Dead Sea minerals, and a range of oils like argan and castor ones creates a protective layer, prevents the damaged hair from dryness and frizz, makes it straight and smooth;
  3. softening one, being full of plant oils and extracts, hydrate the hair, contribute to its texture, make it flexible and shining;
  4. smoothing one, enriched with argan oil, makes the hair easy to manage and protects it from harmful factors;
  5. a conditioner providing the hair volume is recommended for thin hair, makes it thick and lively;
  6. a conditioner boosting the hair growth is efficient because it has a huge amount of castor oil in its formula added with Dead Sea minerals and other ingredients reducing split ends;
  7. a conditioner with a high concentration of Dead Sea mud and minerals for intense nourishment and protection.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop invites you to learn more about the beauty routine and add the products enriched with Dead Sea salts known for their unique combination of minerals. There are sodium, magnesium, and potassium treating plenty of conditions and making your hair strong and silky. We hope you will enjoy our offer including:

  • high quality of goods enriched with Dead Sea minerals with a perfect composition to deliver benefits to the greatest possible extent;
  • the special delivery conditions allowing the products to be kept fresh;
  • available gift cards of various nominations for those who want their family members and friends to have the possibility to choose the best of the best.
You will have a lot of other beneficial options when you buy cosmetics in our online shop. You will find an organic care conditioner meeting your needs perfectly! Just look through our catalogue and a description of every product to pick a side.

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