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Mogador cosmetics that is made for perfect skin 

Mogador was created for people who respect and care for their bodies. The Israeli cosmetics company which is made with the addition of Dead Sea minerals revives ancient beauty recipes based on natural oils. 

What to choose in Mogador 

This brand produces a line of cosmetics for all skin types. Natural oils are suitable even for allergies, so choosing a product is easy. Let's find out what exactly suits you. 

Everybody needs a day cream to keep the skin hydrated. Mogador cosmetics is based on Moroccan argan oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil. It absorbs quickly and leaves no shine on the face, which is very good if you have a greasy shine. The cream also moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin thanks to the oils in the composition. 

Mogador eye cream is a necessity because it is intended for gentle skin areas and ordinary cream is not suitable for this. If you have sensitive eyes, you especially need a separate makeup. 

There is an oil-based hair shampoo that will transform your hairstyle. Natural composition is the best solution for hair because products with sulfates and silicone destroy the structure and spoil the appearance. 

The moisturizing Mogador hair mask is good for owners of any hair, dry or oily. Hair needs to be moisturized at any time of the year, so do not forget to make a mask 1-2 times a week so that it always remains shiny and silky. 

Here is a list of necessary products for your care:

Face cream, body and eye area.

  • Body and aromatherapy oils.
  • Shampoo and hair conditioner.

How Magador can help you 

Mogador cosmetics based on natural oils and minerals from the Dead Sea will help you to preserve the natural beauty for a long time. The recipes used to make creams and blends were used by queens and famous beauties of the daytime. And they still continue to work...