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The organic hair mask is a highly recommended addition to your home hair care routine which is much more efficient compared with a conditioner because it provides a lasting result. The key purpose of the mask is to restore the hair, make it beautiful and healthy. It can moisturize and/or nourish the hair – the effect depends on its intended use. The masks are particularly required for damaged, dry, and frizzy hair. Also, some products are made to heal the scalp.

About hair masks

The masks are able to save your hair from being damaged with coloring, styling, and aggressive beauty procedures. It will be much better if you apply a natural hair mask because it is considered to be a deep penetrating treatment. Thus the healthy components will be delivered directly to your hair instead of chemical ones.

The organic masks usually have a 100% natural composition being packed with nutrients to make hair strong and shiny. These products are usually made from a blend of oils and butters. They can contain Dead Sea mud and minerals which are able to renovate the hair. The plant extracts are often added to active components. As a result, masks provide deep repair in relatively short terms due to their intense composition. They are able to restore split ends, nourish with vitamins and antioxidants, and add body to thin lifeless hair. The scalp gets anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients promoting hair growth, healing dandruff, removing skin irritation and other conditions.

What do we offer?

Discover our range of hair treatments including hair mask organic. They are produced of the best natural components carefully packed in reliable tubes and tins which are easy to store. Pay your attention to the products which formulate the following components:

  1. spirulina algae moisturizing the hair in a perfect way as well as enhancing its growth;
  2. gold dust restoring and nourishing the hair, making it strong, smooth, and elastic;
  3. vitamin E smoothing, softening the hair making it shiny and easily managed;
  4. castor oil boosting hair growth, making hair shining and smooth;
  5. keratin strengthening the fiber hair shaft and smoothing for a long time;
  6. shea butter protecting the hair against weather conditions, sea water, and other climate damages;
  7. Dead Sea mud nourishing and protecting the hair removing irritation of the scalp skin.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop provides the customers with a lot of useful options and can boast of numerous benefits like:

  • fast and simple registration available after a user enters his personal information like name, email address, phone number, and details needed for shipment including home and payment card billing address;
  • rapid delivery executed by a leading company which specializes in shipping of cosmetic products;
  • vast experience in the beauty industry regarding marketing of cosmetic products containing Dead Sea minerals; 
  • marketing provision with direct mail alerts for new goods and terms.

Look through all organic hair mask products in this category to ensure that you understand their peculiarities and buy those ones which suit your special needs. Take care of your hair, nourish and hydrate it with natural products.


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