Why you should use a hair mask

It is the most effective tool in the fight for shiny, silky and thick hair. Nothing nourishes and moisturizes like these products. You should use the unique properties of the ingredients from the dead sea without parabens and silicones. 

All our products consist only of natural and healthy ingredients, so they solve the problems of all types and you don’t need to make your own hair mask recipe. 

  • Smoothing thick and heavy ones.
  • Adding volume.
  • Restoration of damaged and brittle hair.
  • Stop hair loss.
  • Filling with vitamins and minerals.
  • For dry scalp. 

When to use a hair mask: at home or in a salon 

You can easily use it both at home and on trips. It especially needs quality care when you travel: like skin, hair dries and loses its shine. A 10-minute mask is enough to put them in order even if it’s a hair mask for oily hair. 

For home care, choose products that take longer. While you are doing household chores or sleeping, you can take care of yourself just like in a beauty salon by professional. Using more time, you allow it to fill it with caring means and get a more lasting effect. 

How to make a hair mask 

Recommendations for the use of hair mask — before and after will be obvious: 

  1. For a better effect, use it after a shower.
  2. Follow all instructions that are described for the product.
  3. Wash it off strictly on time. Never use it for longer than described in the instructions.
  4. For some masks you can do a thermo-effect: put a plastic bag on your head and heat it with a hairdryer.
  5. Use masks regularly (2-4 times a week) to see the maximum effect. 

Treat yourself only with high-quality and natural cosmetics. Products with silicones, sulfates and parabens can harm. Products based on ingredients from the dead sea is the secret of all Hollywood beauties and beauty salons that they attend so you will see hair mask benefits in a week.

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