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Dead Sea body cream is formulated on the basis of the minerals of the Dead Sea which are very good for the skin. The epidermis becomes healthier, fresher, smoother, younger, more moisturized and nourished if the product is applied every day after shower or bath. The key natural ingredient provides all the above effects. And this is not only about the skin but also it makes you feel better. Numerous additional components broaden the spectrum of action.

About Dead Sea body cream

So what is so special about Dead Sea components? The minerals have been coming from mountains to the Dead Sea during thousands of years. As a result, we have salts and muds with a high concentration of microelements and a unique composition including calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, bromide, iron, and more. There are over 21 minerals. Every item is good for our skin improving its condition. The cosmetics made with use of these substances have a therapeutic effect. Dead Sea body cream or lotion (for the oily type) will restore and tighten the skin, provide its healthy glow, anti-aging benefits, and contribute to better cell turnover. Also Dead Sea minerals can relax your body and be used as a part of a detoxifying procedure. Moreover, they produce an anti-inflammatory effect and are usually used with other components to be even more helpful.

What do we offer?

In this section of our catalogue you are suggested to buy:

  1. multi-purpose cream for all skin types with minerals from the Dead Sea mud enriched with Aloe Vera extract and organic oils. It moisturizes the skin and protects it from dryness.
  2. nourishing booster cream with Aloe Vera extract and avocado oil. But the key component is Dead Sea Salts. It softens and smooths the dry and fading epidermis perfectly penetrating deep.
  3. luxury cream with a black pearl powder, minerals and seaweed nourishing the skin, protecting it against free radicals.

Our advantages

You can be sure to benefit from online shopping at our e-commerce site as we have done our best to personalize our offer and build the most convenient and safe online environment. You will get:

  •         a wide price range which allows choosing the cosmetics at the most expensive or cheapest end of the market;
  •         a possibility to cancel your placed order and even return the delivered goods for any reasonable cause and in accordance with the stipulated conditions;
  •         reimbursement of shipping expenses if the goods delivered in an improper state being defective or damaged;
  •         an exchange option which should be discussed with our managers;
  •         a confirmation of your order status sent to your email, as well as the news and other important information.

If you are looking for an efficient Dead Sea cream for body, you are recommended to look through the assortment of the Dead Sea Shop. We provide access to reviews and detailed descriptions and composition of every product, so that customers can make the right choice. You can contact us to get a free consultation too.


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