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Are you looking for the best Dead Sea body oil? Go to our retailer website and enjoy diversity of our offer. There are so many beauty treatments coming with vitamins and minerals helping to protect the skin against free radicals, dryness, and toxins.

About Dead Sea body oil

Oils make the skin silky and pleasant to touch. Almost any product with an oily consistency is rich in fatty acids. In the formula there can be such vitamins as A, E, and others which make the epidermis look younger and feel softer. Such beauty care is aimed at protection from free radicals and as a result from early aging, Thanks to its regular usage, the skin cells get strengthened, moisture is retained and radiance is increased. Dead Sea minerals are able to boost metabolism, relax, and contribute to a better circulation. Such effects are good for numerous health conditions including dermatological issues, arthritis, fatigue, and some others.

You may apply oil after a shower or bath soak. Dry your skin with a towel but let it remain a little bit damp and use your hands to spread some oil through the body. Also, you can use your oil right after shower before you dry the skin down. And you should not think that oil will make your body feel greasy. On the contrary, it almost disappears leaving a slight glamor and pleasant aroma enhancing the quality of epidermis greatly due to a deep penetration into the skin.

What do we offer?

There are products for various purposes. For instance, you can buy Dead Sea retinol body oil to prevent aging or consider the following variants available in our shop:

  1. Body and massage lotions come with rich formulas which make skin greasy, slippery as required and also restore its moisture level. The epidermis will be silky, gentle, and smooth after these oily lotions with marvelous odors.
  2. Body oil serum is enriched with natural oils including almond, avocado, jojoba ones, and numerous vitamins. It is made to smooth your skin and prevent its dehydration. The effect will last the whole day.
  3. Snow White body oil is very efficient enhancing elasticity of the skin by contributing to collagen production. It is packed with vitamins and ingredients with a bactericidal action. It helps to remove redness and irritation of the skin.
  4. Conditioning body oil is made to seal in moisture after you take a shower. It includes organic jojoba, olive, and macadamia nut oils. There are also energizing nutrients.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop invites customers to enjoy the diversity of Israel cosmetics visiting our website. In addition to convenient online shopping you will get:

  •           accessibility to a thoroughly developed website with a user friendly interface and intuitive navigation;
  •           current information about marketed products with the required details of their ingredients and effects;
  •           simple order placement, fast and accurate delivery with free options;
  •           easy registration with collection of personal data including name, email address, other contacts which are used for transactions only;
  •           guarantees of confidentiality meaning that no card details will be shared with non-authorized third parties;
  •           easy browsing experience due to high customization based on your preferences which we know thanks to usage of cookies.

Dead Sea oil for body benefits can be used as an addition to your daily skin care routine or as a main product applied every time you leave the bath. Anyway it tackles the dry skin, absorbing quickly and maintaining a non-greasy, soft, beautifully glowing surface. If you are confused with a wide choice provided in our collection, contact us and our managers will consult you.


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