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If you have a sensitive scalp or just prefer natural cosmetics you should consider a salt free shampoo to wash your hair and reduce any harm that may come with chemical ingredients like the sulfate included in most hair care products. In the Dead Sea Shop, you will find organic cosmetic products of high quality and without sulfates. Most of our goods are produced in Israel by certified manufacturers.

About sulfate salt in shampoo

Why do people prefer a sulfate salt free shampoo? The point is that sulfates were supposed to provoke cancers but the scientific evidence has proved a negative. Still we cannot say that sulfate-containing shampoo is secure without any doubt. This agent is able to cause irritation of the sensitive skin and even damage the hairs of some types. You’d better avoid the products containing these chemicals because they are able to build up in the body when you apply them for a long time. Even though the scientists say that the amount is very small to cause severe damage, it can still irritate the scalp skin and damage hair protein leading to split ends and hair breakage. Also, it can change the color of the hair.

To be sure that there are no threats to your health, you’d better choose a shampoo salt free which will definitely feel a little different because of poor foaming. It may leave hair feeling not properly cleaned. That is why you will spend more time and water to rinse it. Still, such products are effective. There is a sense to make the switch to a healthier alternative to shampoo with sulfates.

What do we offer?

In our catalogue you will find the products intended to wash your hair without any salts. In addition to shampoo, you can choose a conditioner or mask. You have almost every option you may need but without sulfate salts. Treatment depends on the condition and the targets. You are suggested to try perfect shampoos:

  1. moisturizing the hair from roots to ends due to such its components like Dead Sea minerals and argan oil;
  2. nourishing the hair with a complex formula enriched with natural oils and other nutrients; 
  3. with anti hair loss effect provided with active agents like castor oil and others;
  4. with anti dandruff  effect provided with spirulina mostly;
  5. with Dead Sea mud contributing to hair growth and promoting creation of proteins;
  6. with keratin repairing the hair and making it shine.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop comes with numerous options and ideas to enhance your online shopping. We offer:

  • the goods represented in the catalogue with a detailed description, recommendations how to use and a list of active components;
  • the best logistics developed on the basis of the peculiarities of the countries of destination;
  • a 24/7 email friendly and efficient support which is ready to help the customers with various issues.
In our catalogue there are versions of salt free keratin shampoo with various components including Dead Sea minerals which moisturize and strengthen the treated hair. Through experimentation with compositions you will find the most efficient product suiting your individual needs.

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