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Dead Sea mud soap is a perfect wash for your body! It is able to boost skin health being enriched in minerals and salts. You can also use it to treat certain health conditions. So, go to our catalogue where there are plenty of products with this precious natural ingredient coming with unique beauty benefits and therapeutic powers.

About Dead Sea mud soap

Dead Sea mud is derived from a particular salt lake located in the Middle East and known as the Dead Sea. It is found on shores (not in the sea water) and looks like a black paste of smooth texture. It is rich in minerals and sulfates which are very helpful for skin treatment. The treatments with use of these ingredients can boast of a good safety profile. There is no evidence of any health concern in this regard if the mud is applied externally.

In addition to the proper cleansing, Dead Sea soap will activate the circulatory system, relax the nerves, help numerous skin conditions including dermatitis and eczemas of various nature. This mud is known for its unique composition which works not only when you are bathing in the Dead Sea, but even when you use a mud soap to wash your body in your bath. Even as part of a ready product, it contains a lot of minerals which are able to remove acne, toxins, and irritation from the skin. They strengthen the tissues, keep the skin balanced. For instance, the magnesium, the mud contains, contributes to the proper functioning of the skin, making it healthy, smooth, and elastic.

What do we offer?

We market various soaps with formulas based on the Dead Sea mud. Both men and women, adults and kids can use them to wash their face, hands, and body. In the assortment there are the following products:

  1. Black mud soap with the highest concentration of the natural mud. It means that it is packed with minerals and organic oils needed for our skin. It cleans the pores properly.
  2. Sulfur soap disinfecting the skin. It is perfect for everyday usage and for healing of eczema, dermatitis, and even psoriasis.  The key ingredient is sulfur which efficiently kills germs. Do not forget to rinse it thoroughly from your epidermis with a lot of clean running water.
  3. Kabbalah herbs soap with composition taken from the oldest recipes. It is handmade and contains a lot of herbs which treat various skin conditions, repair damages like wounds and burns, moisturize the skin and provide its required protection. Also, it can be used for a feminine hygiene.

Our advantages

Place an order for a Dead Sea soap bar or several bars and enjoy the benefits like:

  •           a free and unrestricted access to our assortment which includes almost any reputable brands dealing with the Dead Sea components;
  •           our efficient logistics arranging the fast and accurate delivery of the orders all over the world providing proper conditions like the required humidity level, temperature, and lighting to guarantee freshness and as a result efficiency of the products;
  •           favorable conditions of a return of the purchased goods which is possible for a sound reason and during 14 days passed from the delivery day;
  •           a discount for the next order as a compensation of shipping expenses if the goods are returned for some reason;
  •           the guarantees of high quality and originality of the products supplied by the certified manufacturers of Israel we cooperate with.

If you are looking for Dead Sea soap, go to our shop and find the great diversity of variants. You can choose a bar for any purpose and enjoy its pleasant flavor and effective action. You are welcome to leave your reviews, share your experience as to our services, quality of products, and the result you get using them.


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