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If you want to have healthy hair and scalp, you should use the quality hair products. You can go to a reputable salon, of course, but home care is very important too. Your routine will add to the achieved result provided by the specialists.

Are you ready to take your magnetism and handsomeness into your own hands? Then, welcome to Dead Sea Shop where you can buy the quality hair care products made in Israel enriched with precious Dead Sea minerals.

About hair care products

The Dead Sea hair products are able to improve your image and impact on your self-esteem. Definitely you know that hair needs nourishment and moisturizing just like our skin or body. It is easy to revitalize it by applying the hair products developed for various purposes. They can strengthen hair follicles, speed up hair growth, reduce hair shedding, and keep it stunning. Natural products are useful, secure, and just essential. You can choose from the largest varieties intended to obtain an expected effect. All that you should do is to understand your goals and know an offering. We are going to help you to select the correct product from the reputable producers.

What do we offer?

In our catalogues there are hair products made in Israel and in other countries of the world. You can trust the formula because we choose only responsible manufacturers. You will find what you need if you are looking for:

  1. Shampoo enriched with Dead Sea salts and vitamins. We offer gender, age, and hair type specifics. You may forget about concerns about using the chemicals, because our assortment includes organic products too. 
  2. Conditioner. It will smooth out the hair, covering it with a layer protecting against the environmental impact. As a result, you will damage hair less with all styling procedures and it will look silky and strong.
  3. Hair Mask with Dead Sea mud and minerals. It will provide extra nourishment and moisturizing and add to the effect from a conditioner. This is a nice addition to your hair care routine at home.
  4. Hair Oil. This is a real multitasker. It can be targeted to your personal needs. For instance, it can seal the cuticle down protecting it against heat, light, and other undesired influence. The oils are able to make hair soft and brilliant.
  5. Hair Serum. This is a real catch for the damaged and extra dry hair adding shine and smoothness.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop provides you with a range of benefits including:

  • cosmetic products with the Dead Sea ingredients which are a large part of our assortment being a vital product for locals and tourists preferring them due to their ability to maintain health and beauty;
  • the goods from the certified manufacturers only for incredible result;
  • the efficient logistics delivering the fresh products to every corner of the world;
  • a 24/7 email professional support available for our online customers.
In our catalogue you will find the precious Israel hair products which are able to make your hair shine. These products are totally worth every penny, as they will make your hair look healthy and beautiful without any harm.

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