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Everybody has to cope with skin conditions whether they are long-lasting or sudden. We all tailor a skin care routine to our personal needs to get clean pores, regular complexion, to control oiliness, and get rid of dryness. This is just a part of all concerns.

Are you looking for efficient skin care? You should visit the Dead Sea Shop where you’ll find lots of face care products made in Israel with unique properties.

About face care products

It is vital to keep your skin in a good condition every day using the quality cosmetic products which are able to treat wrinkles, acne, irritation of any nature. Some of them are made to make a normal skin look its best under any circumstances. When there are age-specific changes, when the cells of your skin are renewed slowly causing a dull look, you can apply the proper skin care products removing dead cells and enjoy being young and beautiful. Also, you can prevent an aging problem by applying well-selected cosmetic products, protecting the skin against the sun and pollution. Do not forget that the skin under your eyes are more demanding and you are expected to choose an additional cream for this sensitive area.

What do we offer?

Similar to the nutrients of the food improving our health and body, quality natural skin-care components work like magic revitalizing the face skin, making it radiant. In our catalogue there are face care products from Israel which contain Dead Sea minerals. They are very effective in soothing, polishing, and repairing skin cells. You will have a younger and healthier look if you try our products including:

  1. cleansers made to wash the skin of any type and rinsed with some water;
  2. toners applied after washing with a cleanser to make the skin smooth and calm it;
  3. sunscreens intended to provide broad-spectrum protection of the skin. It should be added to the make-up every day regardless of the season and weather conditions;
  4. exfoliators like scrubs or peelings, used once a week to clean the skin from the dead cells;
  5. serums which help to deliver the active components like Dead Sea salts deep in the skin and cope with specific issues like lifting, firming, and anti-aging;
  6. creams with a wide range of effects including day and night ones, made for contouring, nourishing, smoothing, and so on.

Our advantages

We do our best to measure up to exacting standards. Thus, you can count on:

  • a wide variety of cosmetic products from the certified manufacturers;
  • a prompt delivery of the order to the address specified by a customer; 
  • a free delivery if the amount of the order exceeds $ 150;
  • acceptance of the most major credit/debit cards and much more benefits.
In our catalogue there are the refined Israel face products marketed with guarantees of the high quality and accurate formulas. Using them is one of the best methods to take advantage of Dead Sea salt rich in minerals with tremendous healing properties. You will definitely find what you need for effective self-care. The routine will take you a couple of minutes and allow solving a lot of skin problems without visiting a specialist.

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