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Elite cosmetics

If you want to know more about the Elite cosmetics brand, just try their products which are available at Dead Sea Shop. You can choose goods, place your order, pay for it preferring any payment option from a wide diversity and enjoy the high quality and value, gaining in health.

About elite cosmetics

You will hardly find goods for eyelash or hair care or any other cosmetic product in this assortment. Elite is the brand which offers food and takes care of natural and safe components in their products which contain a lot of vitamins. They produce supplements and other tasty food nourishing the body, filling it with energy. Consuming the products of this manufacturer, you will feel healthy and vital. In addition, they are able to prevent various medical conditions, improve the arteries and cardiac work. They are made in a controlled production process which ensures a powerful taste of every product preserving useful substances of every ingredient, maximizing development of the best tastes and flavors. Every woman and man will appreciate this premium quality!

What do we offer?

In our catalogues there are the Elite care products which you can use to diversify your nutrient budget and enjoy their delicious taste and flavor. You can choose:

  1. Date honey which is also known as Silane. It is made from 100% Majhol Dates. You will not find sugar or any preservatives in the composition. This syrup has a rich texture, sweet taste which goes with various foods like salads, desserts, and drinks. You can use it as a healthier substitute for sugar.
  2. Turkish coffee with cardamom. It is made from quality beans being specially roasted. As a result, the coffee powder of ground coffee discovers a perfect, well-balanced aroma typical of this variety. The coffee mixture contains fresh grains of a selected size only.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop provides every customer with a rich choice of options including:

  • the widest assortment of the cosmetic products based on Dead Sea minerals and salts;
  • numerous features in a personal account allowing a user to change or delete the saved information like credit/debit card details, for instance;
  • alerts sent to the email of a user containing current news, proposals, promotions, and other useful information.
At our store you can buy Elite cosmetics at the best prices. We guarantee the original goods and high quality service. Also, we have taken measures to maintain safeguards to provide security and privacy of the personal information of our users. In our online store you can also buy best hair products from Yofing brand for your skin developed to solve various problems.

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