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Dead Sea foot cream is proven to provide the expected results when it is applied as a daily routine. This is a perfect way to get rid of dry skin, corns, and plantar callosity on the feet. You can choose a light product with smoothing and relaxing effect or a thick, heavy cream for deep nourishing and moisturizing. Anyway, the effect lasts for a long time.

About Dead Sea foot cream

As we have mentioned, the key function of any foot cream is to repair the skin and soften rough heels. If the product is chosen correctly, there will not be any discomfort with your feet. On the contrary, the damaged skin will be properly treated, nourished, and protected. The Dead Sea minerals are able to cope with the rough skin issues even if you have no time to deal with your feet. Just use the cream every day and you will see the brilliant result.

The cream should be formulated in particular for the purpose you need. It can be aimed just at the dry skin or it is developed to remove cracks. Anyway you should get well moisturized, beautiful feet and easy comfortable steps. Deep penetrating creams protect the feet prolonging the effect and minerals in their composition help to detoxify, promote skin regeneration and leave it clean, young and healthy. Moreover, the elements treat the muscles and joints easing muscle cramps, providing an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing joint swelling and soreness.

What do we offer?

Enjoy any our Dead Sea collection foot cream. Just look through the offer and place an order for the goods you like. Consider such products like:

  1. Dead Sea nourishing cream. As soon as it is massaged into the feet, it will take effect. CSE Complex with numerous minerals and plant extracts is very efficient in making the skin smooth and soft.
  2. Peeling foot cream. It removes dry rough skin from the heels, refreshing the feet and making them feel healthy and look beautiful. It contains natural oils, moisturizing ingredients.
  3. Anti-crack cream. In addition to Dead Sea minerals this product is enriched with avocado oil and Aloe Vera moisturizing and soothing the skin. It is efficient even for the most cracked and roughest feet.

Our advantages

Choose our online shop to buy everything you want to have in your skin and hair care home collection. We provide access to the widest line of cosmetics with the Dead Sea minerals, muds, and salts. Everybody can place an order and get the paid off goods delivered to the destination. Also, you can count on:

  •           proper organization of shipping with competent and sufficient logistic resources and under proper conditions including packaging, environment and so on which is needed to deliver the quality products;
  •           friendly return policy which allows returning the purchased products on favorable terms including the compensation of the entire amount of the shipping cost or its part if the return is announced within 14 days after the delivery day;
  •           competent customer support service with rapid responses to the inquiries and free of charge consultations as to usage of our shop and other related issues;
  •           guarantees of originality of the products produced by the certified manufacturers of Israel.
Please, be sure to get the fairest prices and the original products only. We hope that you will enjoy online shopping at and easily choose the skin care you need. You should know that Dead Sea minerals are a very helpful treatment. They will take care of the skin of your feet reinforcing its look. In addition, the products have other ingredients like butters, oils, vitamins which are also efficient and make the skin beautiful, healthy, and silky.

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