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Use Dead Sea hand cream and forget about aging your hands. You do know that the skin of our hands is equipped with just a few sebaceous glands, that is why it is dry and needs to be moisturized and nourished several times during a day. The Dead Sea components are able to fight against dryness and other skin issues thanks to minerals they contain. The rich formulas make the hands velvety soft and young.

About Dead Sea hand cream

You are recommended to apply a hand cream from early years on a daily basis. Start with your 20's and continue without a pause. It is vital for your skin and comfort. And we do not speak of harsh weather conditions or sunbathing. The hands require moisturizing and nourishing all year round. Dead Sea hand creams will help you to achieve the best result and keep your hands young and healthy for a lot of years. They have rich formulas and can hydrate and soften the hands without side effects. They can treat some skin defects and conditions. You should pay your attention to this category of goods if you are suffering from psoriasis and eczema. The Dead Sea minerals will help you to cure the disorders. They strengthen the tissues and allow the skin balance to be natural. Every time when you wash the hands in running water with Dead Sea (or any other) soap, you may apply the correspondent creams or lotions. You can do it when the hands feel dry or damaged. But even if they are ok, you should take care of the skin by choosing the product with the right ingredients. Ensure that you understand the composition and action of the components mentioned in the first positions in the formula list.

What do we offer?

You can count on a range of hand skin care products with various formulas aimed at the particular goals. Choose the right composition with ingredients which suits your needs and be sure to solve your problems:

  1. Cream with magnesium. This is a rich product treating the roughest skin of your hands making them extremely smooth and soft.
  2. Multi-Action cream. It moisturizes, nourishes, and protects the hand skin. There are pure organic jojoba, macadamia nuts, and olives oils, which keep the hands beautiful.
  3. Nourishing hand and nail creams. There are extremely powerful products which protect the skin from external factors for a long time. It nourishes the nails making them strong and healthy. The effect is provided by a unique composition including a pearl powder, seaweed and minerals of the Dead Sea.
  4. Ahava Dead Sea hand cream. This is a perfect moisturizing product which will leave no chance for dryness of the skin.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is full of options which enhance the user's experience. You can count on easy accessibility to our catalogues, favorable delivery terms and affordable prices for the numerous items in every category. Also we provide:

  •           help in return of the goods you are not satisfied with if all requirements are met;
  •           proper arrangement of shipping of the purchased goods involving our logistic resources;
  •           convenient payment options including bank cards and others;
  •           assurances of privacy and confidentiality as to credentials and bank details.

The Dead Sea cream for hands can contain other ingredients which will heighten the required effect. You should understand your needs or consult with a dermatologist to get his recommendations as to important components. We are sure you will find the corresponding product in our online shop. Please, leave your reviews of the products and read the information which our customers share on our website.


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