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Body Care Kit


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1. Intensive Protection Hand Cream, 150 ml

 A cream that provides extremely long lasting protection. Our hands are exposed every day to harsh conditions.

They need extensive care and protection against external effects.

The formula contains salts and stabilizers, such as Chamomile and vitamins A, B and E that work effectively taking care of and protecting the skin of the hands.

How to use:
Apply to the hands as needed. Using the cream creates a protective layer that preserves the hands against environmental effects for many hours after application.
The cream also restores particularly rough and cracked to being smooth and delicate.

Contains sun screen filters U.V.A (Oxybenzone).

2. Multi Intensive Foot Cream, 150 ml

The formula contains salts and stabilizers as well as vitamins A & E that nourish and protect the skin.

The foot cream in the Alternative Plus series effectively cares for and tones the skin, softening dry and cracked skin.
Improves the condition of the skin of the heels.
Quickly absorbed and leaves a pleasant, light feeling for a long time after application.

How to use:
Apply the cream, massaging it in until fully absorbed.

3. Silky Body Cream Intensive Protection, 200 ml

Body Cream of the Alternative series has a delicate fragrance, based on an optimal mixture of vitamins, essences, algae and zink, protecting the skin and providing it with moisture.

This combination creates a unique body cream, with a velvety silky texture that enriches the skin with essential minerals.

The cream improves the skins suppleness and stability and gives it a healthy, lustrous and supple look.

How to use:
Apply the body cream as needs on all over the body, using circular motions until it is fully absorbed.



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