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Velvet Foot Cream


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Velvet Foot Cream

A delicate, velvety foot cream specially formulated for treating the rough skin on the feet, it nourishes and softens dry and cracked feet.

Gets quickly absorbed and immediately improve the condition of the skin on soles and heels.  The cream will leave your feet with a pleasant and light sensation for a long time afterwards.

Contains active anti odor ingredient agents that prevent bad odor in the foot.

Wash your feet and dry them well.

Apply the cream, massage it in well until fully absorbed.

How to use:
Apply the cream on clean skin of the legs from the feet to the knees. Massage until absorbed. Use daily or as needed. The best results are shown by the application of the cream before bedtime.

Active ingredients:

Dead Sea water, sea pearl hydrolyzate and powder, seaweed extract, orange flower, lavender, green tea oil, Aloe juice, chamomile and witch hazel extract, avocado oil, night primrose extract, horse chestnut extract, perfume composition.

150 ml

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$34.90 $47.60

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