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Adding volume to your hair — how it actually works?

Some of us are lucky enough to have a posh hair volume. Remember those movies, where a girl steps away from a motorbike, takes off her helmet for us to see the enormous luxurious hair, that falls down in tempting waterfalls. Meanwhile what we see in the mirror every day might differ. Care products are not magic per se, but modern formulations can work wonders for your hair.

Why hair lacks volume?

There are reasons why hair may lack the desired volume. The simplest reason would be the hair grease. 50 % of the skin oils are produced by the scalp, no wonder your hair could get greasy and lose the volume. If your scalp is particularly hardworking and secretes the oils intensively, the hair simply sticks together and is closer to the scalp due to its weight. Another reason to think of is the hair cortex. If its weak and damaged, your hair will not be able to support a luxurious volume.

Ways to volumize your hair

Besides using a hair styling gel, which is a fool-proof but really unsustainable option, there are ways to get your hair volume naturally. All of them are about combatting the reasons we’ve listed above.

First of all, one should control the amount of sebum that is produced by the scalp. One of the ways to do it correctly is by applying oils. Yes, you’ve heard it: want less skin oil — apply oils. When we use a harsh shampoo that can make our hair crystal clean, it decreases the amount of natural skin oil critically, and your sebum glands work hard to compensate for it. When you use hair care products formulated with oils, they may help balance the scalp oil production and thus keep your hair fresh for longer.

Improving blood circulation around the hair follicles will also help your hair become firmer and thus hold the shape better. This is a long-term program and doesn’t happen overnight, but if your hair care product reinforces the blood circulation (with all the valuable nutrients the blood brings) in the scalp regularly you will notice that your hair becomes firmer and stronger. This is about cortex — a firmer cortex helps your hair keep its shape.

Another way of providing your hair with additional volume would be to coat it in a specially formulated polymer film. This doesn’t only protect the hair and make its surface smooth and shiny. It also allows us to lift it up a little with the help of the static — finally static works for us and not against us! 

Coconut oil shampoo

Hair volume is often perceived as a sign of healthy and beautiful hair. Sleek hairstyles might look nice, but most of the time we really want to have that fantastic volume. Our coconut oil shampoo tackles the problem on a few different levels providing your hair with desired volume.

  • Jul 13, 2020
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