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If you want to have a young and pretty looking face, hands, body, you are recommended to add an organic vitamin C cream to your home care routine. The antioxidants in this vitamin will protect you against environmental damage and add a lot to your sunscreen and other skincare products. 

Visit the Dead Sea Shop where there are beauty aids containing this very magic ingredient, Dead Sea minerals, and other antioxidants with which they work best. Together, all these ingredients impact the skin in an optimal way and provide an efficient anti-aging care. Your skin will become brighter and younger.

About Vitamin C

The vitamin C helps with collagen production. As a result, we have a thick, firm, young skin with decreased fine lines. This product is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the cells from being damaged with UV exposure and environment pollution. It encourages regeneration of skin cells, increases skin radiance, and prevents a collagen loss.

Everybody can apply creams with vitamin C after cleansing and before sunscreen to create a kind of a barrier between the skin and environment. You are recommended to do it daily and wait when the product starts working as far as vitamin C needs some time to cause the significant changes in skin. It may take you about two months to get the result but it will be lasting and obvious. You should test a product you choose carefully if you have sensitive skin in order to prevent irritations.

What do we offer?

In our catalogue you will find organic vitamin C face cream with a various proportion of this vital ingredient in a product and various formulas including Dead Sea minerals. In general, we have creams for all body parts and purposes clearly specified in the description of the items like:

  1. Face cream for day and night, for dry and oily skin with the hyaluronic acid in addition or with sunscreens with various sun protection factors. This is a perfect makeup base.  Choose a product which will maintain a needed moisture level of your skin and prevent its loss.
  2. Foot cream for daily repairing of the cracked skin and softening of your entire foot. This is the best way to treat the skin, requiring a particular approach.
  3. Hand cream with nourishing components including Dead Sea minerals and Vitamin C. Such light products with oil-free formula regenerate and protect the skin against all bad factors.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is the best online area where you can enjoy the rich assortment of Israel cosmetic products helpful for your skin. Here you will get:

  • a friendly 24/7 email support ready to respond any request connected with an online shopping within our platform;
  • a diverse range of organic products which will deliver benefits to the skin of all types;
  • reimbursement of shipping costs if you get a defective or wrong product.

Find the best organic vitamin C cream in our catalogue and enjoy an easy order placement and beneficial service terms of our online shop. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals damaging our skin. Applying an appropriate product, you will brighten your skin, make it look firm, smooth, and radiant due to proper moisturizing.

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