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Fighting signs of aging: pigmentation

In the age of space crafts, it would have been weird if there hadn't been a particular AI trained to find out the age of a person by photo. Surprisingly, the AI doesn’t care for wrinkles at all. Turns out, it predicts the age of a person on a photo by things like posture, walk, and the uneven pigmentation spots. 

What is pigmentation?

There are different types of skin pigmentation depending on the person's race and genetics. In fact, a normal complexion can be referred to as pigmentation. The pigment that causes skin color is melanin. Our cells produce different amounts of melanin. As long as all our skin cells work according to the same instruction programmed in our DNA, the color of our skin is even. But when there is a breakdown in the melanin-producing factories in certain cells, they can start producing more or less melanin than there should be. As a result, we get the uneven skin tone, the uneven pigmentation that an AI defines as a sign of aging. 

What breaks the melanin-producing process?

Among various reasons that can cause the system breakdown, sun exposure, and various medications are the most prominent. Remember enjoying your beach vacation 7 years ago? Well, that could backfire now. Another reason could be the post-acne, especially if it was treated incorrectly. The scar tissue that forms over the former pimple could consist of the cells that are too enthusiastic about melanin production. The result is still the same - darker skin areas that could make you look older than you feel.

What helps to fight excessive skin pigmentation?

Time travel is still very hard, so you probably can’t come back in 2010 to apply that appropriate amount of sunscreen before going out to the beach. So we’ll have to look for solutions in skincare. 

There can be different approaches to fighting excessive pigmentation spots. 

If you are all for natural active ingredients, then you could try purifying products with pomegranate extract or creams enriched with it. Vitamin C is another active component that helps to lighten the skin and to make it brighter, not to mention it’s antioxidant power. Usually, it takes about 4 weeks until the skin goes through its renewal cycle — that’s when you will see the improvements after regular use. It is important to remember that when you incorporate the whitening serums or creams into your routine, you should check if they don’t interfere with your current skincare products in use. 

Preventing dark spots

First of all, you need to wear sun protection diligently and religiously. But if you know that your skin is prone to dark spots, you could additionally use creams preventing them. The active ingredients will balance the melanin production and even out the skin tone.

  • Nov 26, 2020
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