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More than just a smile!

Cleaning your teeth twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash — these recommendations are crystal clear and don’t require a blog article. But besides the evident effect of having a healthy smile keeping your oral hygiene to the highest of standards helps to prevent many other health issues.

Avoiding bad throat infections

Any inflammation in your mouth could sooner or later become your throat infection. Seasonal colds that are caused by various viruses weaken the local immunity of the throat and tonsils and make them susceptible to bacterial infections. If you control the bacteria in your mouth you can avoid this kind of complications. It’s not only about establishing an oral care routine, it’s also about the products you use. 

Preventing early dementia

Not something you would normally expect from just keeping your teeth clean. The research connecting the bacteria from gums surface and the harmful molecules in brains is relatively new, but incredibly promising. Turns out, that our oral hygiene contributes to how our brain ages. If the bacteria from  gums enter the bloodstream through tiny cuts or cracks, they may end up poisoning brain cells with amyloids — the proteins that cause Alzheimer disease.  

Remineralizing tooth enamel

With a right toothpaste you can remineralize the enamel. It’s true that when lost the enamel doesn’t grow back like hair or nails. But to avoid this loss you could use a toothpaste rich in salts and minerals that could remineralize the existing enamel so that it won’t get harmed easily. A toothpaste enriched with Dead Sea minerals, fluoride and calcium can help your teeth overcome the acids in your mouth easily. 

Soothing inflammation

All of our efforts are necessary to keep the harmful bacteria from growing on our gums and on our teeth. Besides that, we also want to avoid unnecessary inflammation. The addition of Dead Sea salts in the toothpaste helps to absorb water from swollen gums, which not only soothes the inflammation but also makes the overall oral hygiene more effective.

Everything in our body is interconnected. Having white healthy teeth would have been a wonderful motivation on its own, but knowing that oral hygiene is so much more than that just a beautiful smile makes us take even better care of our teeth and gums.

  • Nov 18, 2020
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