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Have you ever used a Dead Sea body wash? You should try! This quality product of any brand will be competitive with other body care packed with the most efficient components. You will definitely love to have the skin-care routine containing the products enriched with Dead Sea minerals, muds, or salts providing restoring benefits.

About Dead Sea body wash

The choice of skin care products depends on a skin type. If you have the normal skin, you’d better consider a light shower gel. If it is dry, you should look for the gel with moisturizing ingredients. The same effect is needed when the skin is dehydrated for any other reasons whether this is a cold winter or, on the contrary, it is the summer holiday season with frequent and lasting sunbathing. Nourishment is required year round.

There are skin-loving components which should be in a shower product. Vitamin E makes the skin very soft, locking moisture. Shea, coconut, cocoa butters, organic oils are used to nourish the epidermis. While Dead Sea salt provides both effects and much more. It contains ultra-comforting and helpful minerals which are able to relax the nervous system, produce an anti-inflammatory effect, and even detoxify the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. Additional components may heighten the needed performance, but still nothing can replace healing Dead Sea minerals.

What do we offer?

In our online store you can find body washes of all possible formats including:

  1. exfoliating gel with a gentle effect and natural exfoliating particles made from an apricot seed powder carefully removing dead skin cells from the washed surface.
  2. cream soap with CSE complex which provides deep and gentle cleaning. After this soap is applied, the skin will still have the natural PH. It allows a user to avoid irritation and smooths an uneven skin texture.
  3. protective intimate wash with a perfect odor. It does not interfere with the normal pH level of the woman’s intimate area but allows keeping freshness and cleanliness all day long. Protection is provided with a red cranberries extraction which is able to block access to various pathogenic bacteria.
  4. Dead Sea men's body wash with particular spirit-lifting odors.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop offers easy accessibility to a wide list of benefits including:

  •           the widest ever range of Israel cosmetic brands using Dead Sea components for their products;
  •           favorable terms including a free delivery if the amount of an order exceeds $ 150;
  •           a choice of credit/debit cards to pay for the goods and other payment options;
  •           professional and friendly support being available 24/7.

Contact us if you want to know more about the way the natural components, derived from the Dead Sea, work. Our managers will give a comprehensive consultation. Or just take some trial and buy the products from our assortment. Do not forget about your individual skin needs and enjoy the high quality of original Dead Sea collection body wash!


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