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Kava kava cosmetics

If you want to try something new and still efficient to improve your hair, test Kava kava cosmetics coming with numerous hair care products. You can buy them at Dead Sea Shop at a reasonable price and get them delivered to almost any part of the world.

About Kava kava cosmetics

Kava kava herb care products contain the natural components including the key similarly-named substance. This is the extract from the Piper methysticum plant. It is able to relieve stress, calm anxiety, and enhance sleep. It is even considered to be euphorigenic just as alcohol. This plant is used in cosmetology as a skin-soothing component in the formulas intended for diverse purposes. Also, it is an ingredient in the treatments of alternative medicine.

What do we offer?

Look through our catalogues to find exactly what you need. In the assortment of this producer there are:

  1. various treatments including the anti hair loss kit formulated for alopecic hair and blond kit neutralizing yellow and orange shades of blond hair;
  2. keratin fluid reinforcing the hair structure, making it manageable, shiny, and protecting it against environmental humidity;
  3. masks providing damaged, dyed hair with health and elasticity, making it smooth and strong;
  4. shampoos enriched with keratin, gold, and organic extracts of kava kava, ginkgo biloba, and other ingredients which help to restore damaged hair, make it silky;
  5. perfumed serums softening and smoothing the hair, sealing the cuticle, covering with a film for reliable protection.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is available for everybody providing a convenient and safe online platform for efficient shopping. Our customers can be sure to opt for their own benefits using our online store. It is possible: 

  • to consider various payment and delivery options which can be selected by a user at his sole direction;
  • to change the provided personal information at any time using the "Sign In" menu and the "My Account" section;
  • to refuse to receive the email alerts for new features, products, events, promotions, and others.
Buy Kava Kava cosmetics at Dead Sea Shop if you are interested in the unique formula of the brand. You will appreciate an easy order replacement and fast delivery of the goods. We offer a wide range of products of the reputable brands of Israel for healthy skin and hair. In our online store you can also buy best hair products from Yofing brand for your skin developed to solve various problems.

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