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Papaya & Pineapple cosmetics

Take a chance to improve your hair with Pineapple Ppapaya cosmetics! You can buy the goods of this brand at Dead Sea Shop and benefit from their efficiency and easy online shopping!

About Papaya & Pineapple cosmetics

The producer has made a bid for the power of natural ingredients and choosed the useful substances in such tropical fruits as papaya and pineapple to create the line for hair care. They are widely used in cosmetology.

Papaya is packed with folic acid, boosting growth of the hair follicles. Thus a user will have volume hair if he applies the products enriched with this extract. Also, it is able to prevent dandruff. If it is used in facial products, it moisturizes the skin and battles against aging.

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C which helps to get rid of free radicals and prevent the damage caused by them. The elements of this fruit are a good treatment for scalp, preventing hair loss. This extract can be an ingredient of facial and body creams. It brightens complexions, smooths the skin.

What do we offer?

The Pineapple papaya products are introduced with the following categories:

  1. Shampoo and conditioner. They clean and condition the hair in a perfect way thanks to Papaya and Pineapple extracts, other plant oils, and minerals. You will get shining, manageable, renewed, and soft hair.
  2. Hair masks. They are recommended for regular use deeply moisturizing, making it easy to comb.
  3. Body lotion. The product contains Vitamin E making the skin vital. It has a creamy consistency and absorbs immediately.
  4. Facial cream. The product has a silky texture. Containing Dead Sea minerals and avocado oil in addition to the other components, it is very efficient and able to protect the skin against environmental stress. 

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is the best online area where you can enjoy the rich assortment of Israel cosmetic products helpful for your skin. Here you will get:

  • a friendly 24/7 support ready to respond any request connected with an online shopping within our platform;
  • a diverse range of organic products which will deliver benefits to the skin of all types;
  • reimbursement of shipping costs if you get a defective or wrong product.
At our online store it is easy to buy Pineapple papaya cosmetics with just a couple of clicks. Choose the product and pay for it mentioning a preferable delivery option. You will get it as soon as possible and can rate the service! In our online store you can also buy best hair products from Yofing brand for your skin developed to solve various problems.

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