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At the cosmetic market numerous Dead Sea face and body care products are suggested by various brands and manufacturers. They allow improving the skin condition without much effort. You can do only with the basic steps of a skin-care routine or apply special cosmetics consisting of unique efficient ingredients like Dead Sea minerals.

About Dead Sea Minerals in body care

 We recommend having care products cleansing and moisturizing your skin at the very minimum. And of course, you will need sunscreen. This brief list can be enlarged with goods focused on the individual needs. The cosmetics for any purpose can be found in the range of products enriched with Dead Sea minerals. This natural component is able to struggle with acne, treat various skin conditions, wash off makeup and excess oil, moisturize and nourish the skin making it soft, young, and smooth. The dermatologists recommend trying the beauty products with the Dead Sea minerals to improve the skin with particular indications. It may take only a couple of weeks to see the results.

What do we offer?

In our catalog you will definitely find cosmetic agents for various purposes containing the same key ingredient which makes them stand out from analogues. The assortment includes:

  1. Dead Sea bath products for daily use. You can buy energizing bath gel based on organic oils of olive, macadamia nuts, and jojoba. It is good for dehydrated skin.
  2. Body creams and serums with silky texture. They have a delicate fragrance and rich composition providing the skin with the required protection and moisture.
  3. Foot peeling enriched with Volcanic ash and plenty of oils, Dead Sea minerals and other nutrients. This product will make even the rough skin smooth and soft, preventing cracks.
  4. Mineral roll-on deodorant with Vitamin C and without alcohol for sensitive skin. It includes Dead Sea minerals which provide 24-hour nourishment in addition to odor removal.
  5. Anti cellulite cream, containing caffeine, a lot of plant extracts, and other ingredients making the skin smoother and firmer. It is enriched with Dead Sea minerals.

Our advantages

Contact use to figure out the subject in detail and be sure that at our store you will get:

  •           free access to the most complete line of Dead Sea cosmetics from various manufacturers;
  •           a chance to cut down your expenses thanks to favorable prices;
  •           nice shipment terms coming with a special offer – a free delivery for the orders with amount exceeding $ 150;
  •           well-arranged online environment with plenty of payment options and security measures;
  •           guarantees of privacy for your banking data, credentials, and transaction history.

Be sure to buy original and quality Dead Sea body products at our shop. Our website comes with a comprehensive navigation and numerous options enhancing the user’s experience. Take care of your health and beauty and afford an opportunity to arrange home-based SPA procedures with bio ingredients like Dead Sea minerals!

ALTERNATIVE + - Body Lotion NEW -
ALTERNATIVE +Silky Body Cream
$24.90 $39.90 -37%
Energizing Bath & Body GelBath & Body Gel -
Canaan OrganicsEnergizing Bath & Body Gel
$27.50 $35.99 -23%Sold out
Conditioning Body Oil - DeadSeaShop.comConditioning Body Oil -
Canaan OrganicsConditioning Body Oil
$18.23 $36.45 -49%
Exfoliating Body Gel - DeadSeaShop.comExfoliating Body Gel -
Canaan OrganicsExfoliating Body Gel
$17.99 $35.99 -50%Sold out
Rich Intensive Body Butter - DeadSeaShop.comPure Mineral - Rich Intensive Body Butter -
Sea of Spa - Hand Cream with Magnesium -
Sea Of SpaHand Cream with Magnesium
$9.00 $18.00 -50%
Sea Of Spa Foot Cream with Magnesium -
Sea Of SpaFoot Cream with Magnesium
$9.00 $18.00 -50%
Sulfur Soap -
Sea Of SpaSulfur Soap
$6.00 $12.00 -50%
Dead Sea Mud Soap -
Sea Of SpaDead Sea Mud Soap
$8.90 $12.00 -25%
Treatment Body Milk-Soap - DeadSeaShop.comSea Of Spa Treatment Body Milk-Soap -
Sea Of SpaTreatment Body Milk-Soap
$39.90 $49.90 -20%Sold out
Bio Spa - Volcanic Foot Peeling -
BIO SPAVolcanic Foot Peeling
$14.90 $20.00 -25%
Bio Spa - Nourishing Foot Butter -
BIO SPANourishing Foot Butter
$14.00 $24.00 -41%Sold out
Alternative Plus - Body Care Kit  - deadseashop.comSea Of Spa Alternative Body Care Kit -

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