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CANAAN Organics

Canaan organics cosmetics

If you want to know how efficient natural oils are for your skin, just consider Canaan organics cosmetics which are produced by a well-known manufacturer in Israel. You can buy it at Dead Sea Shop and enjoy the organic skincare.

About Canaan organics cosmetics

The cosmetic products of this brand are certified by ECOCERT and that means a user can count on the composition consisting of 99.70 % of natural components including various oils and Dead Sea minerals keeping the skin deeply moisturized. Such creams will do good for beauty and health. Another important peculiarity of the assortment is that almost half of ingredients, used in production, are supplied by organic farmers. So you will find not just olive oil in the formula but it will be a pure organic one.  They do without synthetic ingredients making the skin protected against the environment. 

What do we offer?

The Canaan organics care products are represented in our catalogues in a large diversity. You can purchase:

  1. Body oils and gels. Choose any treatment you need. It can be energizing products with a gentle exfoliating effect provided with an apricot seed powder. It removes dead skin cells being very efficient in smoothing the epidermis.
  2. Body butters. They come with various purposes. Some are able to nourish the driest skin. The others are perfect moisturizers. You can apply them on your body, hands, and feet. The formulas contain jojoba, macadamia nuts, olive oils and other components. 
  3. Facial day and night creams. Women of all ages are suggested to benefit from these products which are enriched with efficient ingredients. The day creams are a perfect makeup base. 
  4. Shampoos. The rich hair care is formulated to meet the common requirements. They make your hair clean, healthy, flexible, and shining, prevent your scalp from drying.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop arranges the well-designed online environment for easy and convenient online shopping. To make our services even better we:

  • have taken every measure to deliver the current and detailed information about every item in our catalogue;
  • collect personal information of our customers like name, email address, phone numbers, and others to process and perform the orders only;
  • never share the card details mentioned by our users when they pay the order;
  • use cookies to comprehend the preferences and needs of our customers using the website and to make their browsing experience more efficient and personal.
If you love natural components and want to assure yourself of the efficiency of Dead Sea minerals, buy Canaan organics cosmetics and enjoy the result! In our online store you can also buy best hair products from Yofing brand for your skin developed to solve various problems.
Vitalizing Facial SerumVitalizing Facial Serum
Canaan OrganicsVitalizing Facial Serum
$24.50 $48.99 -49%Sold out
Hydra Plus Nourishing Cream - Dry SkinHydra Plus Nourishing Cream - Dry Skin
Recontouring Eye CreamRecontouring Eye Cream
Canaan OrganicsRecontouring Eye Cream
$19.50 $38.99 -49%Sold out
Hydrating Day Cream - Normal To Dry SkinHydrating Day Cream - Normal To Dry Skin
Restorative Shampoo - DeadSeaShop.comRestorative Shampoo -
Canaan OrganicsRestorative Shampoo
$19.50 $38.99 -49%Sold out
Revitalizing Body Cream - DeadSeaShop.comRevitalizing Body Cream -
Canaan OrganicsRevitalizing Body Cream
$18.95 $37.89 -49%Sold out
Soothing Body Butter - DeadSeaShop.comSoothing Body Butter
Canaan OrganicsSoothing Body Butter
$21.44 $42.88 -50%Sold out
Multi-Action Hand CreamMulti-Action Hand Cream -
Canaan OrganicsMulti-Action Hand Cream
$12.50 $24.99 -49%Sold out
Exfoliating Body Gel - DeadSeaShop.comExfoliating Body Gel -
Canaan OrganicsExfoliating Body Gel
$17.99 $35.99 -50%Sold out
Nourishing Foot CreamNourishing Foot Cream
Canaan OrganicsNourishing Foot Cream
$10.25 $20.50 -50%Sold out
Gentle Facial Peeling CreamGentle Facial Peeling Cream
Canaan OrganicsGentle Facial Peeling Cream
$17.83 $35.66 -50%Sold out
Energizing Bath & Body GelBath & Body Gel -
Canaan OrganicsEnergizing Bath & Body Gel
$27.50 $35.99 -23%Sold out
Conditioning Body Oil - DeadSeaShop.comConditioning Body Oil -
Canaan OrganicsConditioning Body Oil
$18.23 $36.45 -49%

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