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Are you looking for an organic face mask for your skin which will solve your individual problem? Perhaps, you need to boost collagen production, provide intensive moisturizing or nourish the skin. Or do you want to look much younger, to strengthen the skin, make it plump and fresh? All these effects are possible with face masks containing Dead Sea minerals which can be bought in the Dead Sea Shop.

About face mask

Everybody wants to have a quick skincare which is still very effective and this is a mask. It is true that face masks in the form of a cream or a sheet are able to enhance your appearance and make your skin healthy, younger, and smoother. The masks contribute a lot to your appearance. Some of them can be regarded as a quick solution of the current issue. They provide the skin with a kind of a break or rest after a long and tiresome day. They hydrate the skin being applied for about 15 minutes. Usually they are made of thin paper saturated with the active components. Such a sheet mask is a perfect option for the dry skin. There are also creamy masks which are applied to the skin and remain during the whole night. Or you can use the masks which should be rinsed in a quarter of hour.

It is important to select the right mask which will come with benefits only and do no harm. When you find that magic organic mask suiting you completely, be sure that it will add a lot to your basic daily skin care routine. It will build a kind of a layer on the skin surface. This coating consists of the active ingredients and continues moisturizing, nourishing, exfoliating for some time. Thus, the components in a highly concentrated amount penetrate the skin better. 

What do we offer?

If you visit our online shop, you will see a lot of goods for the skin care routine including a number of paraben and alcohol free face masks which promise an immediate and lasting result. They really work! That is why you should know your requirements to choose the product meeting your needs. 

In our catalogue you will find the following ones:

  1. organic peel off face mask with the pearl powder and Dead Sea minerals for deep purifying;
  2. relaxing beauty mask with a black pearl powder which moisturizes and nourishes in addition;
  3. pore minimizer with charcoal absorbing dirt and oil and witch hazel shrinking the pores;
  4. gravity mud mask with the advanced technology applied and active ingredients exfoliating the dead skin cells and firming the skin;
  5. pure collagen mask firming with collagen peptides and supporting the natural collagen production in the organism;
  6. nourishing and moisturizing masks packed with vitamins, plant extracts, hyaluronic acid for normal, dry, and oily skin.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is a place where you can buy cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals having unique properties. If you have sensitive skin, you can talk to your dermatologist to get recommendations before using these products but you can be sure that they work just as their descriptions say. 

In our shop you can be sure to have:

  • a wide choice of items containing Dead Sea minerals;
  • access to different brands and certified manufacturers to choose the most appropriate one;
  • the possibility to benefit from the services of the leading transportation provider 
  • the products delivered in a fresh condition to any city in the world;
  • beneficial offer as a wholesale purchaser.
Though Dead Sea minerals are not a replacement of other efficient ingredients, still a natural organic face mask containing them is able to treat a range of conditions boosting skin health greatly. So, do not hesitate and place an order right now!

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